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Mar 28, 2011

The Ultra Tight Delight

My first order with ILF was for a combo pack that allowed me to build three full fleshlights pairing any of the (at the time) 4 orifices offered with any of the basic textures offered. I decided to try out all three of the human orifices and opted to get a mouth, lady/vagina, and butt orifice. The butt orifice is one that I have come to strongly dislike, but I was open to the idea of buying it at this particular time. I even listened to the site suggestions and paired it with the Ultra Tight sleeve for the “ultimate anal experience”. A year has passed since I made that purchase. And I’ve added 9 or 10 more fleshlights to my collection since then. But the Ultra Tight remains one of my absolute favorites. The Ultra Tight sleeve is a perfectly smooth sleeve. There are no teeth, fangs, or bumps. There are no nodes, crevices, or nooks. It is one perfectly and completely smooth sleeve. This comes with a few advantages and a few disadvantages. The biggest advantage is that unlike a multi textured sleeve, you’re not going to miss out on any part of this sleeve by having an average sized penis. It doesn’t matter if you are 4 inches or 9 inches, you’re going to feel the exact same smoothness. The biggest disadvantage is the need of extra lube. This sleeve is completely smooth, which means there is absolutely nothing to hold onto the lube. As your penis rubs against the silky soft material, the friction is either going to dry the lube or it’s going to push the lube up into the sleeve where your penis doesn’t reach. I find myself relubing my Ultra Tight multiple times during longer flights. Of course, where the Ultra Tight really shines is when paired with another sleeve. I will admit that when using just the Ultra Tight sleeve by itself that the Flight can be a bit boring. But when you use 2 or more sleeves in a flight, then the Ultra Tight sleeve just springs to life and shows you dimensions you never knew existed. Lets say you are working your penis with your favorite textured sleeve. That texture feels great, but your penis is slowly starting to adapt to that sensation. So you switch off to the Ultra Tight sleeve. The nerves in your penis are still firing on all cylinders from all that texture you were rubbing on it and gets a bit of a shock to go to something so smooth. So you have all these active nerve endings awake and alert and you feel something that is smoother than silk, smother than you’ve ever felt before. It just feels creamy, silky smooth. And now your penis is used to the one smooth feeling of the Ultra Tight, so you pull back out and go back into your textured sleeve. Every single texture in that sleeve suddenly comes alive! You know how strong that texture stands out when you are on the brink of orgasm? It’s that feeling only you’re not having to fight with yourself not to cum. You get to enjoy it for a nice long time! There seems to be a common disbelief that the Ultra Tight is for smaller guys -- that a guy with a normal sized penis or even larger size penis would be unable to fit inside the Ultra Tight sleeve or that the Ultra Tight sleeve would be too tight and uncomfortable. To me, this is nothing more than guys basing their confidence on their penis size (which happens a lot). It’s the thinking that “oh no. I’m much too big for that. That’s for someone else”. But, yet, two of the most popular sleeves available are the Swallow and Forbidden sleeves which both utilities the Ultra Tight texture as a big selling point. My point is that you shouldn’t let yourself get caught into the “it’s small for a reason” line of thinking or else you’ll miss out on a wonderful sleeve that has given me hundreds of great flights! The material will expand to comfortably accommodate a guy of any size. The Ultra Tight is not a sleeve you read a lot of hype about. It’s not a sleeve that you hear people defending when making a favorites list. But the Ultra Tight is definitely a sleeve worth having in your collection. It is a sleeve that plays remarkably well with any other sleeve and is a sleeve that will increase the pleasure of any sleeve it is paired with. My friends, I ask that you not let the size throw you off. If you are in the market for a smooth sleeve to round out your collection, please, give the Ultra Tight a hard look. There is absolutely no smoother flight available. Guaranteed. Ultra Tight Pros --Pairs perfectly with any other sleeve --Heightens the sensation of any texture paired with --Can be enjoyed by men with any size penis --Is smooth beyond words Ultra Tight Cons --Uses a lot of lube --Can be somewhat boring when used by itself Well, my friends, this brings my first blog to an end. If you have any comments, you may leave them in the comment section or feel free to send me an email at If you enjoyed this product review and would like me to review more products, you are free to add to the donations. Just send your money to -- send your money to -- just send your money to -- Orlando, why do you keep poking me? What do you mean I cannot ask for money? I think you’ll find that you are very much mistaken. Things I cannot do would be breathing under water, and even then if I bought a pair of aqualungs and -- What’s that, Orlando? Oh, I see. Yes. Yes. No, you’re right. I really don’t want to come off as a beggar. I can just dip into my ever growing collection for the next product review. I’ll just have to try to think of another get rich quick scheme, is all. (shrugs) Until next time, embrace the Mayhem Get Yourself An UltraTight

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