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Nov 09, 2012

The Break Up

Our favorite comedian, Jason Horton, just released a hilarious sketch in which he goes on a date with Fleshlight Girl/famed adult-actress Tori Black (they both play themselves.) How will Jason handle it when he finds out what kind of movies Tori has been in? CLICK THE BELOW IMAGE to play the video and find out! What else is new? Well I'd like to show you a texture we released earlier this year that Stan (our product tester) has fallen in love with all over again....How do I know he loves it? He texted me. It's jessica drake's Heavenly texture! Look at that texture....dayum. Now look at jessica. Double dayum! Now look at the texture again. Now jessica. Now your wallet. Now the texture. Now get your credit card out of you wallet. Now go order her Fleshlight. Why? Because we're running a crazy good offer (I assume!)  How good? So good that I'm not even sure what it is! Shipping is ALWAYS discreet. What else is up? The winner of our Halloween contest, "Rusty Shackleford", posted a pic of his Grand Prize package we sent him. He wrote to us: "Thank you [Fleshlight!] I was hoping for a sleeve and case and was shocked to find all of this." Yes, those are the rare and out-of-print glow-in-the-dark sleeves paired up with our still-fully-in-print Fire Fleshlube. We hooked him up! There's more to report but it'll have to wait till next week, Fleshlight-lovers. Follow us on our awesome Twitter @Fleshlight or LIKE our unpopular Facebook page! Most importantly, buy a Fleshlight sex-toy! By the way, you don't want to miss our Twitter account this Monday, November  12th at 3Pm Eastern - we're joining Stoya to do a live chat/Stoya Destroya Fleshlight giveaway and want you to be there!

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