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Nov 18, 2009

The Best Songs For Your Fleshlight

Sometimes you need some music to help garner your rhythm for an excellent Fleshlight session. Lets take a look at some songs that go best with each individual Fleshlight Product.

Comment with your own suggestions for a chance to win your choice of an Eva Angelina Fleshlight or a signed Masuimi Max Succu Dry!

(Stamina Training Unit)
You are working on your game and it's going to be a rough ride to reach your goals. There is nothing harder than keeping from cumming when you are riding a Fleshlight. You are in the jungle baby..
Selection: Welcome to the Jungle - Gun's N' Roses

(Fleshlight Ice)
You are as cool as ice, checking out yourself as you glide in your Fleshlight. Seriously, did you think anything would be better than "Ice Ice Baby"?
Selection: Ice Ice Baby - Vanilla Ice

(Fleshlight Vibro)
As if the great feeling of the Real Feel Skin wasn't enough, you decided to shake things up a bit with a bit of a buzz. The killer has the perfect song...
Selection: Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On - Jerry Lee Lewis

(Fleshlight Girls)
They are your biggest fantasies. The Fleshlight Girls like Jenna Haze, Jesse Jane, Eva Angelina are all wish granting ladies letting you do whatever you like to them. They are little genies of the Fleshlight case.
Selection: Genie in a Bottle - Cristina Aguilera

(Succu Dry)
There is just something so seductive about vampires and thanks to Fleshlight, the fantasy is a reality. Thanks to the Succu Dry, you can get a tense fang-banging blow job from a walker of the night.
Selection: Bloodletting - Concrete Blonde

(Fleshlight Originals)
You can never go wrong with a Fleshlight Original. It is the no frills way to get what you want and get it when you want it. There is no doubt that you will be pushing yourself into these pleasure chambers over and over again. Oh, and you will do it reaaaal good.
Selection: Push It - Salt n' Peppa

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