The Abella Danger ICE Sleeve!

Winter is coming... 

And that means one thing: everything is about to get a whole lot cooler – our Fleshlights included!

In today's article, we're excited to announce the arrival of the brand new Abella Danger Ice sleeve. Get an eyeful of the inside action with a brand new version of "Danger," your favorite porn girl's pussy texture.


This transparent self-pleasure device enables you to experience heightened visual stimulation with one of the most sexually satisfying sensations to launch over the past several years.

First, Who Is Abella Danger?

If you're a porn connoisseur, it's almost a foregone conclusion that you have some of Abella Danger's work floating around in your browsing history.   

Born in Miami, Florida, on November 19, 1995, Abella is unquestionably one of today's most sought-after porn stars. 

In case her name isn't instantly ringing a bell, one glance and you'll likely recognize her visibly Jewish descent, deliciously round ass, and unparalleled flexibility, which she uses to her benefit while getting drilled by the industry's top talent.  


In 2014, at just 19 years old, Abella filmed her first scene, taking the industry by storm with her cute face, tight body, and insane flexibility. More than just her looks, Ms. Danger is known today for one standout trait: her willingness to do ANYTHING in front of the camera.

Since first stepping on set, Ms. Abella Danger has been critically acclaimed for her work in the adult industry. In 2016 she won Best New Starlet at the AVN Awards, the XBIZ Awards, and the XRCO awards. And, in 2017, she won the award for Best Star Showcase at AVN, which was for one of her first features called "Abella." Finally, she's also won an AVN award for Best VR Scene.


That same year, in 2017, with Abella at the top of her game, we locked her down as one of our newest Fleshlight Girls. Now, four years later, with her popularity as high as ever, we're stocked to relaunch her lady sensation this time as an all-new ice sleeve for your viewing pleasure.

Abella Danger Ice Fleshlight Sleeve

Whether you are a "Danger" texture first-timer or you have a dozen or more flights already under your belt, know that you're in for a treat when stroking with this crystal clear sex toy.

The Danger Ice sleeve is everything you'd expect from this tight-bodied porn superstar – a snug, wonderfully textured pussy pumping experience, only this time with an added visual upgrade. 

Inside, Abella's Danger Ice sensation is a mishmash of some of our very best Fleshlight textures of all time. 


Watch your throbbing hard cock slide into her slender slit, as this Fleshlight grabs the head of your penis and sucks it in for a sexual whirlwind. 


Once inside, enjoy a multitude of titillating pleasure points throughout the inner canal. If you can make it to the 7-inch mark, prepare for an orgasmic vice grip to latch on to your penis head, bringing you to the point of ecstasy.

You're "this" close to experiencing what it's like to experience hard-pounding sex with Abella Danger. However, our stock is limited, and this product is available for a limited time only. 

Click here to shop the Danger Ice Fleshlight sleeve today! 

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