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Oct 16, 2012

Texas is coming!

First off, to all the fans asking, Alexis Texas' Fleshlight will be out soon! All of you demanded her so we will make good on our promise. Check out a sneak peek of her below. Can you guess what we'll name her top-secret signature texture? Judging from the above image, I have a feeling her sex-toy will be flying off the shelves.  She's gorgeous, fun, and blond. The trifecta! Speaking of blonds we all love, Nina Hartley's Fleshlight is doing really well! A lot of her fans have shown their avid support by ordering her exclusive Cougar texture.  If you ask me, this is one sophisticated texture! Check it out if you didn't in our Nina announcement blog from last month: Fun fact: Did you know Nina had a small but notorious part in the 90s classic Boogie Nights? To repay all the Nina-lovers for their orders, I'm posting two more full-sized exclusive nude photos!  Contrasting the starlet above, below we have the undisputed porn legend herself who's been doing porn since....well....forever!  In fact, she's starred in more porn films than any other Fleshlight Girl. But you probably knew that. Clicking on the below images will take you to the official Nina FL page. While she was being molded back in May of this year (pictured below from a cellphone snap I took), I recall her telling me a story about one adult-film in which she played an ancient mummy. The film's premise was that once a man ejactated onto her mummy body, she would rise from the dead (that's how mummies work.)  Unfortunately, before the scene was filmed, the crew left for lunch and left her completely stuck and wrapped up in the mummy outfit! Moral of the story? I'm not really sure.

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