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Apr 26, 2010

Testing "The Rules of the Game"

If you browse the Fleshlight Knowledge section, you will find an interesting book by Neil Strauss called "Rules of the Game". The package includes "The Stylelife Challenge", an in-depth 30-Day program to confront insecurities and overcome them through a process of self-examination, briefings and field missions. By following the missions of this book, it promises to make you a pickup artist. It is said to teach you the rules of social interaction with women, helping you to land more of the most beautiful women you come across than ever before.

Over the next 30-60 days I will put this book to the test, giving you an account of every experience and result of the 30 field tests. Will I be banging the hottest women ever...and often? Will I have more dates than I can remember?

This past weekend I took on the first mission.

Take the test for yourself. Get the "Rules of the Game".

The first mission was all about gaining confidence. How many times in your life do you want to say something to a complete stranger, however you are too worried about what they will think about you? If you add in the variable of an amazingly beautiful woman, the anxiety increases. People who were taught a lot of manners, like me, are usually the ones that have the most problem with this. We don't want to be a bother to anyone and we wonder what everyone around us is thinking. In the very first mission of this book, Neil Strauss puts that to rest.

Neil has a great approach to getting you started. Everything he has to say about confidence and how you perceive yourself in social situations were spot on. When you read what he is talking about for the first time, the light bulb goes on.

Utilizing what Neil preaches about, the goal of the first mission was to just talk to five random strangers in a day whether male or female. It didn't even have to be a full conversation. As long as you said something to someone and got a response, it would count.

It was Saturday night and I was eager to get started. I started with a bang.

As I stepped into the bar, I wasted no time. I spotted a group of girls sitting at the bar with an empty seat between them and walked straight over and sat down to order a drink. All I had to say was, "Do you mind if I order a drink right quick?". Before I knew it, all three girls were in conversation with me. Talk about success! On my first attempt I have already went further than I needed to. It feels even better because this is something I never would of done on my own.

Within ten minutes the conversation turned to sex. No joke. I knew in my mind that I could of had sex with either or both of those girls that night. Unfortunately I wasn't too attracted to these girls, but they weren't hideous. To add to that, on their way to a Bone Thugs N' Harmony show, one of the girls actually offered me her boyfriend's ticket because he was taking to long to get downtown. Talk about an open door.

The rest of the night I was so inspired that I talked to well over five strangers, more women than men. The main thing that made this mission so easy was that I didn't have to try to take it anywhere. All that mattered is that I said something to get a response. What in turn happened was a night full of conversations with different women across the board.

Even though I didn't snag a lady home on the first mission, it was definitely a success. I rid myself of my insecurities and talked to anyone I wanted to. I talked to several beautiful women and had an opportunity to score on the first try. I can only imagine what may happen when I attempt more of Neil's missions.

Stay Tuned...

Test "The Rules of the Game" for yourself.

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