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Jun 12, 2013

Ten Sporting Events Where Clothing Is Optional

What is better than naked women combined with contact sports?  Trick question, NOTHING is better.  Thank for bringing to our attention all these great pass-times.  Now scroll down and check out these babes beating the pants off each other. (and please forgive my lame joke)

Sporty but nice
TEN events where clothing is optional and contestants are game

THIS weekend female footie players gathered in Germany for the first naked European Championships.

The wannabe Wayne Rooneys showed off their ball skills in the buff in Berlin as part of an erotic expo in the city. Organisers hope the tournament will become an annual event.
Naked footballers
Bootiful game ... naked footballers
It's not the first contest where competitors are required to peel off to take part. Here's nine other sporting events around the globe where clothing is only optional.

Lingerie American football

Lingerie football
Lingerie football ... girls play gridiron in their undies
Women have been stripping down to their undies and getting stuck into gridiron action since the sport was founded in the US in 2003. Twelve teams across the country take part in the 7-a-side sport, including the aptly-named Philadelphia Passion and Las Vegas Sin! It's become so successful, franchises have even started up in Canada and Australia.

Underwear running

Undie runners in Arizona
Bra-vellous effort ... undie runners in Arizona
Students at Arizona State University are photographed warming up ahead of the college's annual Undie Run. A number of unis in the US hold similar races each year to raise money for charity - but the biggest takes place at the ASU campus in Tempe each spring. Thousands of runners peel off to their pants, knickers and bras and sprint through the streets of the city.

Mud wrestling

Mud wrestlers in China
Grappling in goo ... mud wrestlers in China
It may struggle to compete with football, rugby and cricket in this country - but mud wrestling is a big deal in China. Every year hundreds of men and women strip down to as little as possible and battle it out in a pit in the lakeside city of Wuhan.

Naked sledding

Topless sledders in Germany
Snow joke ... topless sledders in Germany
There's just a tiny sled separating these ladies' bare flesh and the freezing snow. They're among the daredevils who strip off and take to the slopes of northern Germany each February at the annual naked sledding championships.

Naked cycling

Naked bike riders in London
Bradley Wiggins are you watching? ... naked bike riders in London
The first World Naked Bike ride took part in 2004. The first buff bikers hoped to promote postive body image, as well as promoting cycling as a means of enviromentally-friendly transport. It's not a huge international event with rides taking place in cities across the globe all the year round. It was London's turn to peel off and pedal on Saturday - and thousands turned out in Regents Park.

Skinny dipping

Skinny dipping ... nude swimmers Down Under
Swimmers strip off in Sydney, Australia each year to take part in an annual naked race on one of the city's famous beaches. Let's hope there's nothing nasty lurking in the water! Fancy jaws much...

Nude rugby

Naked rugby in New Zealand
Not exactly scrum-my... naked rugby in, ahem, Nude Zealand
It seems a painful way to spend a Saturday afternoon - but nude rugby has become a big deal Down Under. And it's not just men who take part. In this photo a naked man is being wrestled off the ball by clothed female opponents during a nude match in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Bikini skiiing

Bikini skiiers in Canada
Downhill delights ... bikini skiiers in Canada
Ski bunnies braved the cold to battle it out in bikinis this winter in a race to raise money for charity. Hundreds took part in the Bikinis for Breast Cancer event at Lake Louise in Canada.

... and let's not forget beach volleyball!

Beach volleyball
Volleyball babes ... competitors at the 2012 Games in London
Last summer sports fans clamoured for the sight of women virtually in their underwear lunging around a sand pit in Horse Guard's Parade - making each beach volleyball match at the 2012 Games a sell-out. How it ended up an Olympic sport is lost in the sands of time... but who's complaining?

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