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Sep 15, 2009

Teagan Presley Talks About Her New Fleshlight

Teagan Presley, one of the top female performers in porn, now has her own Signature Fleshlight - Available Wednesday, 9/16. We spoke with Teagan about her career, the NFL, and how she hopes you become "hot and bothered" with what she calls, "the most realistic mold of her pussy possible."

By Orlando R.

How does it feel to have a signature product with the #1 selling Male Sex Toy in the world?
Outstanding! I am so excited. When Fleshlight approached me about this, I was honored as I have heard nothing but great things about Fleshlight.

Are you amazed with the life-like quality of the Fleshlight?
Honestly, I was a little nervous to see mine. Every girl is self conscious of the way their vagina looks. Thank God it was normal! The quality is great, and I couldn't put mine down.

You were born in Texas, but are currently sporting a New England Patriots profile picture on Twitter. What gives? Not a Houston Texans of Dallas Cowboys fan?
I was very young when I moved away from Texas, so logically I'd be a Chargers fan, BUT my better half, director Joshua, is a huge Patriots fan and he got me into them. We went to a Pats game last season in New York, and I am now in love with watching each and every game. Go Patriots!

You became a Penthouse Pet this January. How exciting was that for you?
It was my dream. That's the one thing in the business I had never done, and we really pushed hard for me to get it. I was so thrilled!

Guys are going to be racing to figure out which one of your movies to watch while using their Teagan Fleshlight. Which would you recommend?
Hmmm...Deviance, our new movie, is outstanding. Sun Goddess, the first movie for skinworXXX, is also great. I only do girl/girl now and have for the past 18 months, so if you aren't into girl/girl, I love Island Fever 4 and Sexual Freak 2 from Digital Playground for some of my best boy/girl scenes.

What kind of world do you think it would be without sex toys?
A boring one! Especially for lonely housewives. I love the fact that Fleshlight actually gives guys a really good sex toy to compete with some of the outstanding ones we have.

You are a lady with some skin art. Do you think that this is becoming more accepted these days in public and in the adult industry?
It's popping up now on almost every porn star, so hopefully I am a trendsetter there. Fans are split; some hate it and some love it. I try to please my fans as much as I can, but the tattoos are for me and I do cover them if a director doesn't want them in a movie. I covered them in Penthouse.

You have an interesting movie coming out with another upcoming Fleshlight Girl, Jenna Haze, as well as many other well known stars called “Sun Goddess”. Tell us a little about that project.
Sun Goddess: Malibu was our first movie for skinworXXX, and Deviance is our brand new movie. The sequel to Sun Goddess will be shot in Jamaica or another very tropical location, and fans actually picked the girls who will be in the movie by voting on We will be announcing the cast and street date this winter. I certainly hope Jenna ends up in the movie as I love shooting with her!

What is your interest in Lisa Marie Presley?
I don't have anything for her actually, but when I got in the business, a director thought I looked like her so that's how I got the name.

Any words to your fans that purchase their own Teagan Signature Fleshlight?
Of course! Thank you for buying my Fleshlight! I am excited to hear what you think of it, as this is as close to my real pussy as possible! It's naughty just thinking of a fan getting all hot and bothered by it!

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