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Jun 24, 2010

Stoya Destroya Review and Infographic


Stoya’s NEW Destroya texture is another mashup of some of Fleshlight’s most popular textures. With elements of the Swallow, Fang, and more, the Destroya offers an intense ride.

When I first entered the new texture, I immediately felt the three rows of bumps at the entrance. The bumps offered a gentle massage upon entry that didn’t over stimulate. It was great to feel something so good but not worrying about accidently cumming too quickly.

Entering the next chamber, I was a little surprised how subtle the fangs were. While I could feel the slight scrapes of their tips, I didn’t feel the bite I was expecting. If you have tried the Succu Dry, you get the exact same feeling; if you know how that ends up, then you know not to count them out just yet.

The next chamber did however make its presence known immediately. The soft teeth-like feeling of the Swallow is a texture that can’t be ignored. It really feels like the opening like a mouth almost to an eerie degree. Right after that brush of the Swallow I found myself in yet another round of Fangs. These fangs told the same story as the earlier experience. While feeling more pronounced due to its heavy contact with my head area, the scraping feeling was much more present.

As I peaked past the bordering bumps to the next chamber, my head got treated heavily to the intense feeling of the Super Ribbed. But this wasn’t just any Super Rib. This Super Ribbing got tighter the further you went in. It was kind of a self-punishing feat pounding away at the intensity that is the Super Ribbed. This was the most noticeable part apart from the Swallow area.

These multi-textures are hard to last in. In what seemed like mere minutes, I was already feeling the sensations of wanting to let loose inside Stoya’s one of a kind pussy. Just as my suspicions entailed, as things started getting hot the Fang texture in both areas made a very big entrance. When all the nerves of my penis became alert at climax, I was greeted with an almost unbearable bite by the fang chambers. Those feelings paired with the head plucking ways of the Super Ribbed gave me one of the most face quenching orgasms I have had yet. The feelings were so intense that I could only give two hesitant pumps while ejaculating.

The main thing I learned from this sleeve is how different textures work for different times of the session. What results is a perfect balance of subtle and intensity. Watch out for that orgasm…you will feel it in all its glory.

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