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Oct 11, 2012

Stan's Pick

Haven't been keeping up? You should be! We've recently released  porn legend Nina Hartley AND the people's choice, Kayden Kross! If they sell well enough (and I'm sure they will), we might also make their mouths and butts available in Flesh form! But anyway, on to today's sexy subject.... I get a lot of fan mail asking who Designated Fleshlight Product Tester Stan's favorite Fleshlight Girl is. Spoiler alert: It's Katsuni!  Why? Who cares why?! Stan gives no reason to anyone about anything. Come to think of it, he really ony makes facial gestures. Also he's always the first one to leave the office. And he's late everyday. Stan's an awful employee. Here are some photos of Katsuni and her Fleshlight for you and Stan to enjoy. Clicking on the pics will lead you to the Katsuni FLG page that allows you to give us money in exchange for a Fleshlight sex-toy. Totally worth it. Follow us on Twitter @Fleshlight where you'll get hourly penis jokes and remember to pick up the #1 selling male sex toy in the world!

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