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Nov 29, 2013

SPOTLIGHT: Stoya Destroya

The Stoya Destroya

Upon entry, three small rings of bumps will grasp you tightly, followed up by the ultra piercing pleasure dome that will give you 360 degrees of unmatched bliss. The next chamber starts with a small row of teeth and fangs that delightfully rub and pull at you. Finally, one row of large bumps leads into a super ribbed texture that narrows the farther you get inside.

America's Sweetheart of Smut is available in every which way. Aside from her signature texture, her Mouth and Butt are also available in the most realistic textures to match their anatomical counterparts.


"I have 10 fleshlies and this is my new fav. WOW what an insert. I havent even broken in in yet neither.

Opening: Her pussy is kind of round, which is nice because it makes it tighter, her lips are large and inviting and the insert feels just like mouth if u turn it 90 degrees. I think this is my first fleshlight with a new material because it feels much much more soft, i love it. Texture: Amazing. Like i said i havent broken it in yet, its very tight on me atm... so im not feeling the textures too well because they are being smashed down flat instead of tickling my penis... but still i love the last little bump line right before it goes into the ribbed portion.. it really stimulates my dickhead when im cumming and i cum loadssss in this thing... Literally just sitting there for 50 seconds dumping cum in it last night felt so good my dick was on fire!!!! Clean up: All fleshligfhts clean up easy for me... so yeah nothing new with this one its easy i just run it through scorching hot water. the orgasm: like i said above i just love cumming in it, ive been addicted to it ever since i first did.... this is the first fleshie to have me this addicted in a long long time. I love using this insert with the shoe method i just love dumping tons of fucking cum down this cunt hahahaha overall: 10/10 excellent product get one now ASAP"

If you've always wanted to try the sleeve everyone has been raving about NOW IS THE TIME!


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