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Jun 05, 2012

Sloppy (and Floppy) Seconds!

So someone in LA has a used Fleshlight for sale on an online listing site.... What are these citizen-run online yard-sale sites, you may ask? Well, curious internet sightseer, metaphorically speaking they're a cobwebbed gallery of awful nightmares conveniently bunched up into potential purchases! I used to live in LA so I'm aware that heavy traffic and used sex toys for sale are par for the course in that magical land of pornography. But, and forgive me for getting emotional here, Los Angeles has given us so many hotties that I refuse to soil its name by just its creation of second hand sex toy sales. Look, the amount of erections LA gives us....maybe we can give them a pass, am I right? Que music because here's a pic of sexy, sunbathing Lisa Ann (who's actually from Pennsylvania.) You can always avoid used sex toys by buying a brand-new Fleshlight from our official site! I highly recommend making the purchase.  Plus follow us on our super-mega-awesome Twitter @Fleshlight.

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