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Mar 08, 2010

Sixteen Textures/Sixty Days: Ultra Tight

Exit 4 of 16

When some people look at the variety of Fleshlight textures, sometimes the smooth ones get ignored. I am guilty of this. With so many great looking textures like the Forbidden, Lotus, and Wonder Wave, it is easy to forget about the traditional option. So with this next review I decided to step away from defined textures and go smooth and tight.

It's time to squeeze into the tightest of all sleeves, the Ultra Tight.

To keep experiences as accurate and pure as possible, I will continue to use the same ground rules I set forth on my Forbidden Review.

When I was inspecting the Ultra Tight I must admit that I was a little intimidated. When you look at the sleeve from the back, you know that you are in for a really tight session. My first thought, while setting the sleeve into the sink to warm, was if it was going to hurt being in something that tight and small.

Now I have never had sex with a virgin before, but I would have to imagine that this is going to be a pretty close experience. Lets get to work.

With a bunch of lube oozing out of the Lady's lips I slowly entered into the tight walls of the Ultra Tight. Holy shit, this is one tight sleeve. With every smooth stroke, I felt my entire penis just completely engulfed to my pleasing.

The best thing I liked about this sleeve right off the bat is that it wasn't over stimulating. It provided a really good feeling, however it wasn't going to make you blow faster than you wanted to. As long as I kept a slow and steady pace, I would be able to last in this sleeve for a great period of time.

That statement was proven fact. This was the first Fleshlight sleeve on this tour that didn't drain me in ten minutes. The tightness felt great and being able to keep that feeling going longer made it even better.

Keep her wet.

One thing that you will have to do when you use this sleeve is give it a lube refresh every once in a while. The lube is a lot of what keeps you able to feel the great feelingsu. If you let it get a little dry, you will not last long as it will pull and suck each and every drop out of you.

She's gonna blow.

As the tensions built I felt that oh so great feeling coming on. Unlike the defined textured sleeves, this Ultra Tight yanked on my entire dick from base to tip. Instead of more of a head stimulator like the Super Ribbed, this was more of an under shaft pleaser. As I began to release the flood gates, the sleeve suddenly felt so much tighter. With every stroke, it felt like the Ultra Tight was demanding every ounce of cum in your body.

In the end, she got what she wanted. Cumming in the Ultra Tight offers a completely draining experience that is not aggressively distracting. When it was said and done, I don't think I've ever seen an end cap so loaded. It was so loaded that I was a little bit worried that it would clog my sink. No joke.

Final Conclusions:
For the first time in this series a sleeve will jump past another in my ranks. While aggressive textures are great for a quick mind numbing experience, sometimes a good ole' fashioned extended smooth tug is better. I personally like the feeling that my entire penis is engulfed and tugged on, which the Ultra Tight provides.

My Current Texture Rating:
Moving up past the Super Ribbed and the Speed Bump, the Ultra Tight is now my second favorite texture. The length of the session I got to have plus the massive load it drained puts it right behind Jenna Haze's behind.

Feel what I felt with the Ultra Tight!

Top 5 Rankings:
1. Jenna Haze Forbidden
2. Ultra Tight
3. Super Ribbed
4. Speed Bump
5. xxx

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