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Mar 15, 2010

Sixteen Textures/Sixty Days: The Swallow

Exit 7 of 16

So, I got a blow job from a dude today.

With that sentence starts a fun and drunken week of St. Patrick's Day and SXSW activities. To start this week's Fleshlight reviews, I thought I would cross brand lines and give Fleshjack's Swallow texture a try. What happened behind closed doors was nothing short of amazing.

How good was it? Am I still straight? Find out on this episode of Sixteen in Sixty: The Swallow.

To keep experiences as accurate and pure as possible, I will continue to use the same ground rules I set forth on my Forbidden Review. I will also stress the not imagining part as I have no interest in getting a blow job from a dude.

Today offered a world of firsts for me. Not only was the Swallow a texture I have never tried, but it was also the first Fleshjack product I have ever tried. Besides my deep infatuation with Morrissey and his amazing hair, I am as straight as a board. Secure with my sexuality, the look of the Swallow texture was too much to ignore. Since I would be focusing on pure feeling, there was no need for me to picture Jimmy Visconti sucking my dick. Thank god.

If you have taken a look at the Swallow texture, you are sure to notice just how appealing it is. It starts off with a couple of bumps, followed by a series of ribs, another round of larger bumps, and finishes off with a tight canal. Looking at it, you can really see just how much it emulates a mouth inside, from the soft brushing of teeth all the way to the feeling of a deep throating.

It's time to enter this dude's mouth.

As soon as I entered the Swallow, I knew that this texture was going to in my top 5. When you stroke this Fleshjack on your cock, you feel each and every bit of the texture. The part that makes me most feel like this is a real blowjob are those front of the texture bumps that sort of emulate the slight 'run ins' with teeth you have when getting a blow job.

While those slight bumps give you that realistic feeling, the ribs inside really emulate the slippery yet ridged feeling of a tongue. That feeling going up and down your cock is extremely legit. What makes it even better is when your head bounces through those back larger bumps, simulating what it is like to go deep throat.

As things started to heat up to climax, I could really feel each and every part of this Fleshjack sleeve. Absolutely no part of this texture disappears while in FLight. Because of this, you are sure to have an explosive and intense cum. What I felt cannot really be put into words. I think Jimmy Visconti gave me the best blow job I have ever had in my life. Sorry ladies, but that Swallow texture is something else.

Final Conclusions:
This texture may very well be one of the top two I have ever tried. From beginning to end, this texture is a three ring circus of penis stimulating hi-jinx. We must bring this texture to the Fleshlight line.

My Current Texture Rating:
I'm so sorry Lupe and Jenna, but Jimmy's Swallow Textured mouth is the best thing I have ever felt from a Fleshlight. We have a new number one. I am still straight, however.

Feel what I felt with the Swallow!

Top 5 Rankings:
1. Fleshjack Swallow
2. Lupe Fuentes Mini Lotus
3. Jenna Haze Forbidden
4. Ultra Tight
5. Super Ribbed

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