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Mar 29, 2010

Sixteen Textures/Sixty Days: The Super Tight

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With only five more textures to go, I am starting to get down to textures that are very similar to the ones I have already tried. Out of all the textures I have currently tried, I was most surprised by how much I liked the Original and the Ultra Tight. For some men the Original may not be tight enough, while the Ultra Tight may be too tight. Luckily for those guys there is a common ground.

Supertight, you are just plain super.

To keep experiences as accurate and pure as possible, I will continue to use the same ground rules I set forth on my Forbidden Review.

I remember when I first saw the Ultra Tight I was a little intimidated. When looking at that particular sleeve from the back end, you can tell that you were in for a tight ride. When looking at the Super Tight, I get the same feeling but with a little more excitement. Knowing that the Super Tight canal diameter is a common ground between the Original and Ultra Tight, I get the feeling that this is going to be perfect.

When I tried the Ultra Tight I said that I would imagine that it would be close to having sex with a virgin. If that was true, I would think that this would be like a 20 year old that isn't a slut.

All lubed up and ready to go I began to fuck the common ground (The common ground is my new nickname for the Super Tight). The best way to put my initial feelings of this sleeve into comparison is with the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The Original is very regular, the Ultra Tight has strength, but the Super Tight was juuust right.

This sleeve proved my love of the smooth texture. The thing I like most about this sleeve is the slightly heavier tug as compared to the Original. The tug just makes you want release each and every last drop that you have. When it comes down to it, I think I prefer tightness to defined textures. The smooth glide with a little pull is just so perfect.

After a nice 15 minutes, I let out a controlled orgasm. That's right, controlled. This sleeve allows you to call the shots. With everything so perfect on this FLight, the great mixture of a perfect tightness and a slick smooth texture proved royal.

Completely draining, not aggressively distracting, and perfect tightness.

Final Conclusions:
I love that I can have a different degree of tightness between sleeves. The Super Tight offered everything that's great about the Original and the Ultra Tight in a great compromise. Your penis benefits.

My Current Texture Ranking:
It is getting so tough to place sleeves in a five spot ranking system. I like the Super Tight so much, but I just don't feel like I can replace any of the ones I have up. If I could make a number six, this sleeve would be it.

Feel what I felt with the Super Tight.

Top 5 Rankings:
1. Fleshjack Swallow
2. Lupe Fuentes Mini Lotus
3. Jenna Haze Forbidden
4. The Original
5. Super Ribbed

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