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Mar 01, 2010

Sixteen Textures/Sixty Days: The Forbidden

As the dawn has broken this first day of March, so begins my journey on a sixteen texture Fleshlight tour. With plenty of Gun Oil in stock and a sink full of steaming water, I rev the engines and put the pedal to the metal.

First up, the Jenna Haze Forbidden.

To make sure these experiences are as accurate as possible I made sure to take out any outside factors that may hinder results. Below is a set of ground rules I have set for this trip.

1. No visual or mind assistance.
This means that I cannot watch porn or even imagine a woman while in session.

2. I may not switch airports.
Just in case some rooms are sexier than another, I will FLy in the same room every time.

3. No position changes.
Different positions give you different feelings, so therefor each FLight will be done exactly the same way.

4. There is no end in sight.
I will not use the end cap to control suction for any FLight to increase sensation.

Now that the ground rules have been set it's time to get to work. As a guy that really has no interest in Anal sex I decided to start with the Jenna Haze Forbidden. After letting the sleeve warm up in the sink, then applying the lube and "fluffing" myself, I was ready to begin.

Upon first entry into Jenna's backside the first thought that came to my mind was how tight the opening was. It was a firm, nice, but gentle grab on my manhood. As I started to slowly slide the forbidden up and down my Titleist grade shaft, I began to subtlety feel the wave-like texture inside.

This texture feels fucking good.

After about 5 minutes of stroking, I began to get a little lost into the Fleshlight. My mind began to clear and all I could focus on was the great feelings that I felt. One thing that stood out to me was not necessarily what was happening on the inside of the Fleshlight, but what was happening on the outside. Even though I have no desire to stick my dick into a woman's backside, I do enjoy a nice bubbly ass on a lady. With the Forbidden, when you go balls deep you can actually feel the "cheeks" rub on your pelvis. That feeling drove me crazy. Every time I felt that feeling, I just wanted to go deeper and deeper.

Deeper I went.

At about 10 minutes in I started to build some momentum and could feel the orgasm coming on. Having tried other Fleshlights with more aggressive textures, one thing I really liked is that the Forbidden extended the orgasm feeling by providing a pleasure filled "warm up" instead of just one quick load shot.

Dinner is served.

With the cheeks pounding on my pelvis, the tight entry wrapped around my shaft, and the gentle wave-like feeling making my penis feel ten feet tall, one of the best orgasms I have ever had went into effect. I don't remember much of what I was thinking at the time, but I do remember that I couldn't believe how incredibly great the experience felt. If Jenna's ass feels anything like the forbidden, I need to start doing porn immediately and somehow schedule myself into a film with her.

Final Conclusion:
Having never had anal sex with a woman, I can't tell you if it feels the same. I will tell you however that if it feels anything like the Forbidden, I am down to give it a try. When I think about the session I had, I believe that this sleeve provided possibly the best experience I have ever had. Unlike others I have tried, this sleeve allowed me to have a prolonged session with feelings inside and outside of the sleeve. The orgasm the Forbidden provided was an intense but not oversensitive one - which allowed me to keep stroking as I shot my load.

My Current Texture Ranking:
Since this is the first stop of the tour, the Forbidden is automatically number one. However something tells me that it will take a miracle for any sleeve to take its place.

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