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Mar 03, 2010

Sixteen Textures/Sixty Days: Super Ribbed

Exit 2 of 16

After going balls deep into the Jenna Haze Forbidden, I figured that I would now take on a texture a little more aggressive. Even though I know that the STU was probably going to be the most aggressive texture on the Fleshlight lineup, I decided to hold off on it for something a little less intimidating.

Next up, the Fleshlight Super Ribbed.

To keep experiences as accurate and pure as possible, I will continue to use the same ground rules I set forth on my Forbidden Review.

As I was getting prepared for today's test of the Super Ribbed I took a little extra time to examine the look of the texture inside. When you are a man that has been masturbating for well over ten years, you just know when something is going to feel pretty damn good. If you think about all the stupid things you put your dick in as a kid (like toilet paper, socks, couch cusions), you know you aren't going to go wrong with this particular Fleshlight sleeve.

After going Fox Mulder on the sleeve, I proceeded to follow procedure by warming it up in the sink and getting cleared for takeoff.

With no signs of ED in sight I slowly entered into the Fleshlight Super Ribbed. The first thing I noticed about the feeling was the way it 'fluttered' the head of my penis. To put it into perspective, the best thing I can compare it to is a shuffling deck of cards.
Now before you go off to Vegas and ask the dealer for a favor, the Fleshlight sleeve is a lot softer and smoother than even the best Hoyle brand you can find. What I felt with this sleeve was an intense sensation that gave my dick a sense of elongation. From the base to the very edge of the tip, the Super Ribbed texture provides constant stimulation.

This trip won't take long.

With a texture this intense there was no way I was going to last long. If you are a fan of edging (the art of teasing yourself to near ejaculation), this is a texture that you will want to use. At just about 5 minutes in I was already starting to feel the 'over the top' sensation. Trying my hardest to not give in to the intense pleasure I was feeling, I tried to slow it down.

An ejaculation that could reach outer orbit.

With the attempt of slowing it down not working, I gave in to the aggressive nature of the Super Ribbed. As I picked up speed one of the most brain numbing and vocal orgasms I have ever had let loose. The sensation was so intense that I could only manage a couple of strokes when releasing. I couldn't help but to just sit there for a minute and come down from the high.

Final Conclusion:
If you are feeling the need to drain yourself of all horniness, the Super Ribbed is for you. Due to the aggressive nature of this sleeve, be prepared to have a relatively short session. There is no doubt that I am indeed a fan of the Super Ribbed, however I would only use this texture if I was craving a fast and intense session. If you can get 5 or more post-strokes in, you have a high sensation tolerance.

My Current Texture Ranking:
As the second exit on the road to Fleshlight supremacy the Super Ribbed will go to the #2 position behind the Jenna Haze Forbidden. As a personal preference I like my session to last a little longer, something that the Super Ribbed makes hard to do. However, I can see myself having plenty of Flights with it for a quick and intense quickie.

Give the Super Ribbed a try for yourself!

1. Jenna Haze Forbidden
2. Super Ribbed

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