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Apr 08, 2010

Sixteen Textures/Sixty Days: Mini Swallow

Exit 14 of 16
Today was supposed to be an off-day for 16/60, but then came a large box to the Fleshlight office. Inside was a plethora of some of the latest and greatest of Fleshlight products, including the new Mini Swallow. Well since i'm such a big fan of the regular swallow, I just could not resist taking that thing home and giving it a proper trial.

An emergency review of the new Mini Swallow.

To keep experiences as accurate and pure as possible, I will continue to use the same fround rules I set forth on my Forbidden Review.

Just like the Succu Dry, the Sex in a Can mouth of the Mini Swallow has a small yet inviting entrance. If you peer open the lips, you can see the beginning of the Swallow texture. It starts with a little row of bumps, followed by a series of ribs, another round of bumps, and into a tight canal.

When I tried the regular Swallow I could not believe how much it really emulated a blow job. I am very interested to see how this smaller version fairs.

As soon as I started going in, the familiar feeling was present. Be it that this is a MUCH tighter version, there is no way you will not feel each and every part of this texture. Again, the slight bumps at the entrance gives you a realistic feeling of slight soft contact you may make with teeth during a blow job.

However that is not where this particular sleeve shines.

The ribs inside this sleeve and the area at which they are placed gives this sleeve the most realistic feeling of a tongue ever designed. Although it is really hard to explain, that ribbed part of the texture give you a slippery yet rigged sensation - which feels VERY similar to a tongue. This area in my opinion is what makes this sleeve so good.

The part that is really tough about this sleeve is the orgasm. It should be noted that due to the tightness of this sleeve, you will become very sensitive during orgasm. I was only able to get maybe 2-3 strokes in when I came, just because I couldn't handle how intense it was. It wasn't necessarily a bad thing however.

Final Conclusions:
The Swallow just can not do any wrong. While the tightness may be a little tough to overcome, sometimes it is nice to have something that just abuses the fuck out of your dick. It just feels so damn good and realistic.

My Current Texture Ranking:
I was hoping this wouldn't happen, but there is just no way I can't put it at the top with its older "brother". Claiming the new number two position, the Swallow is obviously the best texture in the Fleshlight lineup...for what my opinion is worth.

My Current Texture Ranking:
Surpassing all but the Fleshjack Swallow, the Succu Dry fang texture is now my 2nd favorite. There is something just so alluring about this texture. It feels like every time I use it, it has a story to tell. I really dig that.

Feel what I felt with the Mini Swallow.

Top 5 Rankings:
1. Fleshjack Swallow
2. Mini Swallow
3. Succu Dry
4. Lupe Fuentes Mini Lotus
5. The Original

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