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Mar 10, 2010

Sixteen Textures/Sixty Days: Mini Lotus

Exit 5 of 16

Out of all the sleeves I have in my Official Fleshlight Testers Bin, the Lupe Fuentes Mini Lotus has been the one I have been looking forward to the most. Having tried the regular Lotus and having definitely enjoyed it, the thought of having a smaller and tighter version of that really tickled me in the right spot.

Lupe, I'm taking your Mini Lotus to town.

To keep experiences as accurate and pure as possible, I will continue to use the same ground rules I set forth on my Forbidden Review.

As my 5th stop on this journey I was really excited to finally get to a Fleshlight Girl. Not only does the Mini Lotus really intrigue me, but so does the new FleshTone which I really like. If you have older releases of the Fleshlight Girls series you will notice the color change from Fleshlight Pink. What this new coloring for the Fleshlight Girls series does, besides looking more like real skin, is gives the ability to see more definition of the Fleshlight Girl mold. This means that you will see every little detail of their hot, tight, very unique pussys.

If you have been lucky enough to meet Lupe Fuentes in person, you know that this girl is one tiny explosive package. I wasn't carrying a ruler when I met her, but I would doubt if she was over five feet tall. When you have such a small body, naturally your anatomy has to be smaller. To keep up with realism Fleshlight decided to make a Mini version of the Lotus texture to go with Lupe's Fleshlight.

Now that I have all of the science out of the way, lets get to my FLight plan.

After warming I proceeded to heavily lube the inside of the sleeve as well as myself. As I slowly entered Lupe, the first thing I noticed was the tight and firm entrance. Besides the Ultra Tight, I don't remember ever feeling a noticeable snug entrance on any of the other Fleshlights. It felt great.

As I began to stroke a little more I began to feel a little disappointed. For some reason, I just really couldn't feel the texture of the sleeve. There were some subtle feelings, but nothing as defined as the Super Ribbed. Don't get me wrong, the sleeve felt good, I was just expecting because of the smaller anatomy to be able to feel thing a little better.

I love surprises.

Once I got a little more into it, something incredible happened. All of a sudden I could feel each and every feeling of the texture inside. How and why did this happen? I had used too much lube! One of the things you will find with this sleeve is that you feel it best when a moderate amount of lube is used. If you over lube it, it inhibits the feelings. Now that the lube had got to where it needed to be, this sleeve was making me have a hard time keeping from nutting.

Like the first time all over again.

With the lube at just the right amount and the feelings going crazy on my dick, I was getting pretty excited. The area I felt the most sensation ironically was the top part of my penis, which was a welcome and amazing change since most of the time it's either the head or the under-shaft.

What then transpired was one of the best orgasms I had ever had in a Fleshlight. For some reason this ejaculation felt exactly like the first time I ever went over the top. I'm not sure how most men's first time feels, but mine was kind of a numbing dick sensation where you could the ejaculation from the inside out. Sounds great doesn't it? Be it that my first time was into a toilet paper roll this was definitely a step up.

Final Conclusions:
The Mini Lotus texture is legit. So legit in fact that MC Hammer himself couldn't quit it. By using only a moderate amount of lube, this texture provides some truly unique sensations. If you want a longer session, go ahead and start off over lubed as it will eventually get to the right spot - and believe me, you will know when you are there.

My Current Texture Rating:
We have a new number one. Although not a land slide, I find the Mini Lotus to be just a "tiny" bit more of a favorite to me than the Forbidden.

Feel what I felt with the Lupe Fuentes Mini Lotus!

Top 5 Rankings:
1. Lupe Fuentes Mini Lotus
2. Jenna Haze Forbidden
3. Ultra Tight
4. Super Ribbed
5. Speed Bump

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