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Apr 07, 2010

Sixteen Textures/Sixty Days: Fang

Exit 13 of 16
So what would it feel like to have a sexy vampire suck you off? Well if it feels anything like the Fleshlight Vampire Succu Dry, the answer is "drainingly good". As the first and possibly only Sex in a Can in my 16/60 series, the Succu Dry offers a "fang" texture that is like a hundred soft teeth biting the life out of your penis.
Will I survive the bite?

To keep experiences as accurate and pure as possible, I will continue to use the same fround rules I set forth on my Forbidden Review.

When you first take a look at the Succu Dry Sex in a Can, it feels like there is no way that it could exist. With a very seductive vampire mouth opening, you just can't believe that you are about to stick your fine piece of wood deep inside. Looking at the opposite end of the sleeve, you will get a great view of tightly-fanged texture that lives inside. The first thing the look of the inside makes me think of is those punk spikes people put on their hats and jackets.

Without further wait, it is time to make my return to the vampire. Because I spawned the idea of the vampire Fleshlight, I actually got to test the very first one off the line. That was an experience that can never be duplicated. It almost seems like a dream. Since then, I haven't really used it since we have been coming out with so many new products.

The first thing I notice when going into the texture is almost the same thing I noticed with the speed bump. The fangs appear at first, then disappear as you begin to stroke. While they are subtly there, it's just not a feeling that is over stimulating you unless you really pay attention to them.

Probably one of the most fitting effects of this Sex in a Can is the sucking action. Due to the tightness of the Sex in a Can, you get a really good sucking effect when you have the cap barely on. Pair that with the look of the vampire lips stroking over you and you have the best vampire fucking simulation ever created.

The best part of this sleeve is when you come to the edge. Just when you are about to blow, all of a sudden the fangs come out and bite down on your hard cock. They then roughly massage you till are drained of each and every drop. In fact the fangs are so stimulating that if you can manage to stroke through your entire orgasm, you may indeed become a vampire yourself.

Final Conclusions:
The fang is probably the most different texture I've tried out of all the sleeves. With an eerie bite at the time of orgasm, this sleeve is an exciting ride every time.

My Current Texture Ranking:
Surpassing all but the Fleshjack Swallow, the Succu Dry fang texture is now my 2nd favorite. There is something just so alluring about this texture. It feels like every time I use it, it has a story to tell. I really dig that.

Feel what I felt with the Succu Dry.

Top 5 Rankings:
1. Fleshjack Swallow
2. Succu Dry
3. Lupe Fuentes Mini Lotus
4. The Original
5. Super Ribbed

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