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Jul 29, 2014

Shit, I am out of lube!

It has happened to the best of us. It's midnight and you are feeling the heat. You have some of the best porn you have ever seen on the television going. You reach for your Fleshlight and are ready to go to town. You grab the lube and...oh no...IT IS EMPTY! If you're the shy type, you know that going to the store is not an option. We both also know that your erection is sure as hell not going to wait three days for UPS to come shower you with joy. Besides, you are ready to go and your hand is in no way going to be as good as your trusty Fleshlight.
Sometimes when you are blazing horny, your mind isn't thinking clearly. So the worst possible thing you can do in your lubeless situation is to forget about what isn't Fleshlight or penis compatible. To keep your Fleshlight from going to the grave and your penis out of pain, we only recommend using water based lube. If you use anything oil based, you risk the damage of ruining that Real Feel material. If you use anything with harsh citric agents, your penis will feel like you dipped it in Satan's asshole.
Here are a couple of common household products people try to use as lube that should be avoided: - Olive, Vegetable, Peanut or any other cooking oil. If it has the word oil, it is a no no. - Butter: It is good on toast, but not on your Fleshlight. - Vaseline: Keep it on your cuts. - Shampoo and Conditioner will make your penis burn. - Hand and Skin creams will replenish your skin but will not replenish your Fleshlight. Now that you know some things you should avoid, is there anything that is OK in a last minute situation? Try using your saliva. Since it will dry out quickly, be prepared to have to spit a lot. In no way can it replace water based personal lubricant, but in a tough situation it can help you get the job done. Do you have any recommendations? If so, let us know. To avoid having to spit into your Fleshlight, make sure to stock up on lube at .  

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