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Aug 17, 2012

Sexier Sexy Time
(with Tera Patrick)

Allow me to begin by asking you all to please stop telling us to make mermaid Fleshlight sleeves. It won't happen. That doesn't even make sense. Second of all, enjoy this video Naughty Show host Sam Tripoli made for us. He ran around comic-con 2012 in San Diego and shoved a Fleshlight sex-toy in the faces of people dressed up as superheroes.  Click the below image to play it. Anyway, I've officially been told by the Mayor of Porn (pictured below) to make this blog "Sexier" and "less sh***y." That's ambiguous to me due to my inability to understand concepts and abstract descriptions. But he's the man with the money.  And bacon-flavored chew toys. Here are nude pics of Tera Patrick that we snapped on our late 90s cellphone. We only had 3 megapixels but boy did we need every one for this set. Buy Tera's Fleshlight here!  It's goooooood.  Also, have you been keeping up with our Searchlight contest? You get to pick the next Fleshlight Girl!  What-what! If this contest doesn't do well, The Mayor has sworn that he's getting his puppy posse to "eat [me] alive."  Not sure what that's about or what's he's trying to convey.... Follow us on Twitter @Fleshlight!

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