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Jun 10, 2010

Primal Texture Review

The New Private Collection from Fleshlight features an all-new exclusive texture made just for our hot European imports. The Primal texture, available on all four new girls, takes all of our most popular Fleshlight sleeve textures and rolls them into one intensely satisfying experience.

With an Aletta Ocean model in hand, let the review begin.

With the new Private Collection from Fleshlight, realism remains on the outside while sensationalism exists inside.

The Primal texture is like the all-star team of the Fleshlight textures. At first base you have the familiar "soft tooth" entrance of the Swallow coming at you in two waves. Sliding into second you will go through a Lotus node into the tickling fingers of the Touch texture. At third you will be treated to a patch of the famous STU bumps. Finally, if you can make it home you will go through yet another Lotus node and into a run scoring field of Speed Bumps.

Upon first entrance, the joys of the Swallow were a recognizable feeling. My favorite entrance of all textures, the soft teeth provide a nice grazing along your shaft. Having two of them in a row was memorizing. What is so great about these Swallow teeth are that they remain present during all parts of a session. You will always feel them no matter how lubed they are or how long you have been going.

The popping sensation you get with a Lotus node is a great one, especially if you have nice thick head. As you come and go through the node, you will feel the brushing sensation pluck at your head every time. The thing I like most about the node being in this particular area is that this is where most peoples upper shaft is going to be. It is in perfect position for the sensation it provides.

In the chamber of Touch and STU bumps, I got a feeling of elongation as the natural feeling took over of wanting to go in as far as I could go. My favorite part about this area was how the Touch fingers moved with me as I went in and out. It's like if I got in contact with them, they latched on and followed.

Sadly I did not reach the last chamber, a feat that only the privileged will be able to enjoy. However I do not feel like I am missing out too much since most of the action of this sleeve occurs before then.

Through all of these great feelings there is one memory of the session that stood out to me. I was actually a little nervous about climaxing with this sleeve. The intensity level of this sleeve is very high due to everything that is going on and all the changes that your penis will go through. You can truly feel every part of this sleeve as no nerve is left unstimulated.

When the climax finally came, I had one of those rare slightly vocal experiences. If you have neighbors or roommates, I would highly suggest you use this sleeve when they are gone. If you can continue to stroke throughout ejaculation, there will be moaning. The intensity of this sleeve at climax is amongst the top three of all sleeves on our line and there is room to argue it may be the most.

Final Conclusion:
The Primal texture is in my top three of the best textures I have ever tried. You will get your money's worth with every inch of this sleeve. If you like intensity and a texture that shows up from start to finish, the Primal will be your new best friend.

Aletta Ocean, Black Angelika, Tarra White and Lucy Belle are waiting for you to scream inside the Primal. Explore the Private Collection now.

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