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Dec 18, 2012


Look, it's a nude photo of Stoya with her Fleshlight orifice options. Butt, mouth or vagina. Which is your favorite and why? Write it down on a sheet of paper. Now fold that paper up and place it in your dresser. Twelve years from now I'm going to ask you to retrieve your answer and then see if you still agree with what you put down. So some quick updates before the end of the world happens: Notice all of those depressing, green "out of stock" buttons in the image below? Me too. Don't worry, though. Our popular shower mount is out of stock but we're working like crazy to fix that. It'll either be late this month or early next month that our stock is replenished. What's that? I don't seem as happy as usual? It's because R&D had to take my iPad for testing in conjunction with our upcoming iPad Fleshlight attachment. No release date announced but it's being worked on incredibly hard! I'm never seeing that iPad again.... Other news: The Jenna Haze surprise is right around the corner. Our win a date contest marches on. Anything else? Yes, indeed! Red Letter Media, famous for their incredibly hilarious Phantom Menace review, just posted this pic on their twitter account that has our Teagan and Alien Fleshlight sex toys: That's all for this short update. Stay with us this week. @Fleshlight on Twitter. Not a fan of nude bodies? Hit up our Facebook page instead!

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