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May 17, 2010

Nine New Fleshlight Girl Textures

All of our Fleshlight Girls now have their own unique texture. From the hunt of orgasm in Jenna Haze's Maze to the point-blank ball drainer of Eva Angelina's .69 Caliber, each Fleshlight Girl offers an experience all their own.

Have a look at the new textures.

Jenna Haze's Maze

The Maze is Jenna Haze's signature texture. The winding maze will confuse your senses as you feel these alternating steps gently massage you from the top and bottom. As you press into the first wall and break through into the next, you'll see this texture feels unlike anything we've ever produced.

Katsuni's Lotus Garden

The Lotus Garden is a direct result of Fleshlight listening to the customer's wishes. The original Lotus texture has had tremendous success and been recognized as the most realistic vaginal intercourse simulation Fleshlight has to offer. The success of the texture is in the pocket known as "the Lotus node." Our customers have been asking for more of these nodes in a sleeve, and we listened. The Lotus Garden is just that, from start to finish this texture is all nodes. Nine in all! This is the most unique feeling texture we offer, it feels like nothing else you've ever tried. THIS IS THE MOST INTENSE SENSATION FLESHLIGHT HAS TO OFFER.

Riley Steele's Nipple Alley

Nipple Alley is the signature texture of Riley Steele. Nipple Alley is based on the wildly popular speed bump texture with the added sensation of tiny nipple like dots on the top of the bumps. This added level of stimulation tickles you all the way up and down for an extra level of sensation.

Lia19's Hearts

Hearts is the signature texture of LIA19. The Hearts texture reflects LIA's bubbly personality, the sleeve is lined all the way around with tiny hearts that are sure to please. LIA's Fleshlight would LOVE for you to be inside.

Raven Riley's Rattler

The Rattler is the signature texture of Raven Riley. The Rattler is our most imaginative texture. We've combined the ideas of scales, the twisting of the forbidden, and the wonder wave texture to create an experience unlike anything we've ever offered.

Jesse Jane's Gauntlet

The Gauntlet is the signature texture of Jesse Jane. This Gauntlet texture is a combination of 5 popular Fleshlight textures all rolled into one. Upon entry, you're greeted first with the tight micro rib which then rubs you gently over the swallow ring. You'll burst into the intense lotus node next, and once through, you'll feel the fang texture massaging and pulling at you. Finally, for the ultimate intensity, the sleeve finishes into a blanket of STU bumps. This super texture is a one of a kind multi-sensation masterpiece that will keep you coming back for more.

Teagan Presley's Love Humps

Love Humps is the signature texture of Teagan Presley. The Love Humps texture was designed as a hybrid between the lotus garden and speed bump textures. The soft giant bumps hug every inch of you and the separation between each set of bumps creates a pocket feeling similar to the lotus node.

Lupe Fuentes's The Wall

The Wall is Lupe's Fuentes' signature texture. The wall is created to simulate what it would be like to "bottom out" inside Lupe's tiny body. The micro rib entry goes throughout the sleeve and narrows into the tightest opening we've ever offered.

Eva Angelina's .69 Caliber

The .69 Caliber is the signature texture of Eva Angelina. As part of her "Soldier" themed photo shoot, we're offering this special bullet texture which widens and narrows throughout the canal. The ribs of the texture will drive you wild with every in and out thrust.


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