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Jun 01, 2010

New FLG Test Drive: Teagan Presley's Love Humps

The Teagan Presley Love Humps may be one of the most simple, yet appetizing texture designs Fleshlight has ever released. With several thick humps from entry to exit, the Love Humps texture will take you on a pleasant and exciting "bumpy" ride.

I was impressed.

While inspecting this sleeve before use, I loved the feeling of the huge humps from the outside. If you squeeze the long area of the sleeve with your hand, you can really feel the thickness inside where each hump is. Based on the feel of the texture, I would have to imagine this sleeve ranks high on mass of material. To simply put, those Love Humps aren't tiny.

After applying an adequate amount of lube deep inside the sleeve, I impatiently slid in for a feel. At first entry, the very first thing you will feel is the snug and tight entrance of Teagan Presley. For some reason this entry felt different from others. I am not sure of it was the soft lips or the feeling of the thick clit rubbing away at me, but all I know is that it was great enough to remember.

Once you reach the texture chamber you will indeed know it. There are no time release pleasures here. What lyes in the sleeve is a series of thick and curvy humps. The best way to describe these humps are by looking at a street. Somewhere down a street you would probably see those wide speed bumps meant to make you slow down. Now if you took several of those bumps and shrunk them down, covered them in Real Feel Superskin and placed them in rows inside the sleeve, you would have this exact texture.

These humps will not slow you down.

With one stroke after the other, I noticed a several things about the sleeve. For one be ready for a snug fit between the humps. You will get a heavy engulfed feeling from this particular texture at every inch. This feeling will make your penis feel twice its weight. In some ways this texture is very close to the Forbidden in terms of design. However when going all on feel, the Love Humps stand alone.

One of the best climaxes ever.

With fast and furious pumping into the Love Humps comes great satisfaction. The heavy and smooth feeling of the humps provides the right amount of sensation to take you over the edge, yet at an amount that doesn't distract you from the feelings going on inside of you. You will feel the warmth and the contraction all the way through and be treated to several mini-o's before actual release. A great experience.

Final Conclusion:
Fleshlight has hit another home run with this particular sleeve. A feeling that is hard to describe, the Teagan Presley Love Humps offers a unique experience that leaves nothing to be desired but a replay.

No need to slow down with Teagan. Get her Love Humps Fleshlight now.

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