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Jun 07, 2010

New FLG Test Drive: Riley Steele's Nipple Alley

As the final review of my New FLG Test Drive, the Riley Steele Nipple Alley will have huge steps to follow. A variation of the Speed Bump texture, the Nipple Alley adds a new element to one of Fleshlight's most popular sleeves.

With new favorites like the Lotus Garden and the never before felt sensations of the Rattler, will the Nipple Alley make its way into my trophy case?

If you own the Speed Bump, the Riley Steele Nipple Alley will appear very similar. With a generous coating of soft luscious bumps all along the interior of the sleeve, you would expect the experience to be the same.

Take a closer look. At the very tip of each one of these bumps you will find an even smaller bump that is meant to provide a tickling sensation as they graze upon you.

Making my grand entrance into Riley Steele's lovely little entrance, there was fanfare to be had. The texture was very much present from the early stages of this session. The first thing I noticed was the ability to feel two different sensations.

Based on the angle the Fleshlight was held, I could either receive more of the thick bump feeling or more of the tickling nipple feeling. The ability to do this was very pleasing and was an interesting surprise that I happened to land upon.

When heavily lubed, the Nipple Alley texture is subtle and smooth. This allows for a long and sensation filled session. However once the lube begins to thin, you will be treated to an intense battle of bumps in a cum-drenching intensity filled war.

As intense as it can get, it is very hard to continue to stroke through orgasm in the Nipple Alley. With the tiny ticklers and the heavy massaging bumps, no sensation is left in the dark.

Final Conclusion:
The Nipple Alley holds its own ground in the new FLG texture lineup. With an array of feelings that could be had throughout just one session, there is a definite need for an investment. What we have here is a Speed Bump with a premium option that will leave you breathless.

Ride The Nipple Alley at!

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