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May 19, 2010

New FLG Test Drive: Raven Riley's Rattler

As a Texan growing up around the King Ranch, I've spent a pretty portion of my life avoiding things like Rattlesnakes. You know that when you hear that familiar rattle, you better get your ass away. One bite from a rattler and you have very little time till you become paralyzed and bite the dust.

Well last night I stuck my dick in a rattler. Be it a Raven Riley one but the fear was still there. So how was it you ask?

As our most imaginative new texture on the line, the Raven Riley Rattler mixes a Forbidden texture infused with a scale-like surface ending in our famous Wonder Wave. With that combination, you would imagine a really intense experience that you have no control over...just like with a rattlesnake. Don't be fooled by the scary name, this sleeve is great and offers incredible control.

When you first enter the Rattler you will very subtly feel the smooth/rough texture. It is a very inviting playful abrasion type feeling that cannot be found on any other sex toy. When you pair that feeling with the slight curves of the Forbidden, your penis becomes the snake as you slither in and out repeatedly(I couldn't wait to write that sentence...).

You will notice at the very tip of your "snake" that you are getting some direct simulation. Because of that Wonder Wave action at the very end, it gives your penis a sort of feeling of elongation as it reaches for the rim.

What you will discover with this sleeve is that you are in complete control. With some of our sleeves you may find it hard to keep from climaxing quickly. When you prefer to have a nice long session that still gives your penis noticeable stimulation, the rattler shines. The subtleness of the scales allows you to keep going till you ready.

Now when you are finally ready to spit your venom, you better hold on tight. Those subtle scales we've been talking about will show up and really make their presence known. You will especially feel them right on that really sensitive under area of your dick. Pair that with the pounding the Wonder Wave will be giving your head and I dare you to squeeze more than 4 strokes out at ejaculation.

Final Conclusion:
Raven Riley's Rattler is going to be a great staple in the Fleshlight Girl unique sleeve series. The feeling you get with the Rattler is completely different from any other sex toy. With control, presence, and intensity release at the right time, the Rattler is a shakin'.

Have a Rattler Roundup In Your Bedroom!

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