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May 26, 2010

New FLG Test Drive: Lupe Fuente's The Wall

Because of Lupe's super small stature, Fleshlight is forced to make mini versions of our signature textures in the name of realism. Lupe's initial Fleshlight release was the Mini Lotus, a scaled down version of Fleshlight's most realistic vaginal simulation.

With a new slate of signature textures for each of Fleshlight Girl, we once again went for the small and tight feature of Lupe. What we came up with was "The Wall". The Wall gives you the feeling of bottoming out inside Lupe's little body, while pleasing you with several micro-ribs.

Let's dive in...

Upon first inspection of the sleeve, you will immediately notice how the inside texture has a scaled-down feel compared to other girls. The texture begins with a snug entry into a series of micro-ribs, offering a fine sensation to the shaft. As you continue on into the sleeve, you will come to a penetrable wall that filters into an ultra-tight end.

As I first entered into this new texture, I remember not feeling anything but the soft and smooth Real-Feel Superskin. With every stroke I wondered where in the world those fine micro-ribs were. I felt them slightly, but not as pronounced as I would of imagined they would be.

"Orlando, tear down that wall!"

Going in balls deep, I hit the wall with a force that would knock down most buildings. The feeling you get as your head tries to penetrate the sudden smaller diameter can get intense fast. The reason why is because while you are pushing in, the wall is pushing out creating an interesting sensation.

With a long session in, I decided I was ready to let loose. That's right, I got to make that decision. The Wall allows great control of the session while still giving you pleasing feelings.

But that is not what surprised me the most. As climax was approaching, those secret micro-ribs made a brilliant appearance. The tiny now not so subtle ribs grazed every nerve of the shaft at just the right moment. When this is paired with the tight penetrable wall that is beating your head like a red-headed stepchild, you get a dick twisting orgasm that will leave you squirming in your spot.

Final Conclusion:
We aren't kidding when we say the girls textures are unique to each of them. The Wall will make the guys that prefer a long teasing session with a powerful ending very happy. With its tightness and time-released sensitivity, this is a right step for textures.

Ronald Reagan wants you to "Tear down that WAAALL!"

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