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May 28, 2010

New FLG Test Drive: Lia19's Hearts

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Perhaps the most playful texture to hit the Fleshlight line, Lia19's Hearts takes a new shape to a familiar feel. With several raised hearts all around the canal, I would have expected a feeling close to the speed bump.

Were my suspicions correct?

As I do with all test sleeves, the first thing I did was a full inspection. There is no doubt that Lia19's pussy is a great sight. It's small, tight, and ready for action. While peeking further in, you can get a glimpse of those soft raised hearts waiting for a protein bath. Yes, a protein bath.

The first thing you will notice upon entering Lia is the snug entrance. You will go through some tight walls to get to those hearts. Immediately after beginning the strokes, I got a subtle familiar sensation. My initial thoughts were correct in thinking that this is close to a speed bump. However this is completely different.

Imagine taking a speed bump (which is aggressive in nature) and filing them down, making them softer and less intensely stimulating. As an early adopter of the speed bump, I remember wishing I could last longer. It is intense and feels good, but it was over too quickly.

With Lia19's Hearts, you get some of that speed bump feel with control that outranks any other textured Fleshlight on the line. When it comes to climax you will feel them even more. The top humps of the hearts will raise and push at the head of your penis, asking for that protein bath I talked about.

Stroke on. Thanks to the perfect blend of hard and soft, you can keep going as through climax till you are satisfied in full.

Final Conclusion:
If you like long realistic sessions with a teaspoon of texture, you will love Lia19's Hearts. Control can go a long way.

Till May 31st you can take 15% OFF your entire order by using code MEMORIAL. Give Lia19's Hearts a stroke and save.

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