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May 24, 2010

New FLG Test Drive: Katsuni's Lotus Garden

As someone that has used the Lotus, Mini-Lotus, and the Lady Lager, I am very familiar with the famous "inverted node". As kind of a gateway to the unknown, the inverted node is meant to mimic a popping sensation as if you were brushing past the cervix, a feat that can only be done in Fleshlight Land.

When Fleshlight decided to release unique textures for all of their Fleshlight Girls, the Lotus Garden was an easy idea to adopt. Forum members and customers have longed raved about that node, wanting several of them all in a row.

What resulted was the most intense texture ever created.

Knowing that this new texture was considered the most intense on the Fleshlight line, I was very excited to give it a test drive. After some brief inspections, one thing stood out to me. If you look into the sleeve from Katsuni's replica vagina, you will see a small tight ring in the very front just past the entry canal. That ring is the entrance to the first node of nine. If that entrance was any indication, I knew that this sleeve may quickly become a new favorite.

When I went in I took it slow, making sure to feel everything that was going on inside the sleeve. It took but not only a couple of strokes for me to be convinced that this sleeve is now on Swallow status. For every inch you go in (and out), you get a small popping sensation as if your breaking through a list of soft barriers.

While I continued on in complete amazement of unique feeling, the intensity grew quickly. In the cloudy haze of what was going on, I remember thinking that there is almost no way that anyone could last over ten minutes in this sleeve, or even seven, with continuous stroking. This texture feels good at all times and the sensation never fades.

When it all came to a close, what resulted was one of those rare full-body euphoric orgasms that you remember throughout the day. There was just something about that constant feeling of progression that led to an unbelievable session. While ejaculating, there was even room for the ability to keep stroking - something that is hard with many of the textures. Perhaps it is just intense in the right areas? The debate can go on forever.

Final Conclusion:
Everyone knows about the Swallow's current cult status. However something tells me that it won't be long till the Lotus Garden gets to that same level. With a continuous presence and the ability to get your entire body involved, the Lotus Garden is a winner.

Stop waiting and start feeling. Get Katsuni's Lotus Garden now!

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