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Jun 03, 2010

New FLG Test Drive: Jesse Jane's Gauntlet

I would be scared to fuck Jesse Jane. Let's get that out in the open. The intimidation I would feel from what she has done to men on camera would be too much for my fragile body to handle. She's a sex pot that needs no stirring. An athlete of the sheets that needs no practice. A true queen of the adult world.

With all this in mind, take a look at her new texture "The Gauntlet". Just a glance at this menacing texture and I feel like I'm on Scare Tactics.

Am I scared? I shouldn't be, because I'm about to have the orgasm of all orgasms.

Take a look above at this monster of a texture. The beginning starts off with the same start as the famous Swallow texture. The micro-ribs and soft entry bumps will be making a familiar appearance. After that, you pop through a Lotus node and into a plethora of fang-like bumps. If you can make it past, you then will hit the intensity of STU style bumps.

This is going to be intense.

Hard as a rock, I slipped myself in to a warm and slippery entrance. As soon as I entered I could feel the familiarity of that Swallow opening. As I slid past that amazing row of micro-ribs, I felt the "pop" of moving past Lotus node and began to feel the intense massaging of my head in the fangs texture. I did not want to leave the area I was in.

There were so many languages being spoke on my dick that at points I lost concentration on the review part of this session. When doing a review, I usually take it slow and try to feel every part of a sleeve while taking mental notes on feeling. The Gauntlet was so stimulating in so many ways that all I could think about was the hurricane happening in my lower regions.

It didn't take long at all for me to come to the end point. As the warmth swelled, all of the different textures inside the Gauntlet intensified to a point where I wasn't sure if I could take what was coming to me. I couldn't resist. With a firm stroke I went into one of the most breathtaking orgasms of my life. I could not even stroke but one time during ejaculation due to the intense sensations.

Final Conclusion:
The Gauntlet is a sensory over-loader. When you try this texture, you must be ready for something really intense. I do not recommend standing while using this sleeve or you may fall - it is that stimulating. The Gauntlet is going to make even seasoned Fleshlight users scream with passion. This sleeve will make you vocal.

Dare to run the Gauntlet. Get Jesse Jane's new texture.

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