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May 18, 2010

New FLG Test Drive: Jenna Haze's Maze

With yesterday's launch of nine new Fleshlight Girl textures I knew it would only be a matter of time till I began the task of reviewing them all. As the best work task you could possibly have, I decided to start out with our four-sleeve slinging sex pot Jenna Haze.

Let's get lost in the maze...

As her fourth sleeve, Jenna Haze now has more Fleshlights than any other girl in Fleshlight history. While she already has her Lotus, Forbidden, and Swallow, we just couldn't leave her out from a new texture.

What we came up with was Jenna Haze's Maze. In Jenna's Maze you will find yourself in a unique dick bending texture that is meant to make its presence very well known. Our only cube shaped texture, the Maze is completely unique to anything else we offer.

As I first entered the Maze, I remember feeling the heaviness of the texture on my penis. When I say heavy, I mean that you can really feel the weight of the material wrapped around you. What you will find upon first inspection of this sleeve is that almost all of the width of the sleeve is used to create this texture. In fact, you must be careful when cleaning this sleeve as it gets really thin on the turns of the Maze. There is little chance of poking through with your penis though unless you are going ape-shit out of the case.

When stroking with the Maze you can feel each and every "turn" for the whole duration of use. This is one thing I really enjoyed. Sometimes with certain textures they seem to disappear when using, only to show up at orgasm. With the Maze, it is so prevalent that you will always feel it. At about every inch you are taking your penis into a new turn around the corner over and over again. You will not find the end of the Maze and you will prefer it.

At about the ten minute mark things started to get really heated. There is just something about that constant change in the sleeve that provides a completely unique experience. When the climax hit, those corners really began to shine - although not to a point where I had to absolutely stop during ejaculation. I could keep stroking during climax...the Maze allowed it and it was great.

Final Conclusion:
Jenna's Maze is a winner. There is nothing else on our current line that feels anything like it. I wish I could explain the weighty feeling to you over text, but it is just something you will have to feel for yourself. That feeling is amazing and makes your penis feel like it is getting the ultimate massage. This sleeve is one of the greats.

Find your way through the Jenna Haze Maze.

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