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May 21, 2010

New FLG Test Drive: Eva Angelina's .69 Caliber

If you look at a bullet (...and i'm talking one for a gun, not one for vibration), the last thing you really think of is sex. Well, Fleshlight is out to make artillery sexy...and they may have succeeded.

With Eva Angelina at the trigger, let's cock some ammo.

Inspired by Eva Angelina's military themed photo shoot, Fleshlight decided to continue with the curve balls by offering a sleeve that actually shapes a line of bullets. While a line of bullets may seem a bit odd, don't shoot a hole in the idea just yet. With "open and close" chambers spread throughout and ribs placed at each entry and exit, this sleeve should have you shootin' huge loads.

I only have a couple of puns left, I promise.

As you slip into the .69 Caliber the first thing you will notice is the tighter entry of the orifice, compared to other sleeves. When you slip past that snug canal you will then find yourself in a bullet chamber, followed by bullet chamber, followed by bullet chamber. The best part of this texture in my opinion are the ribs at the entry and end of each bullet. Because of the ribs placement, you get a unique feeling that teases with every departure and return.

Another great feature I noticed about this texture is that it gets better as you progress through the session. The longer you go, the more you begin to feel each and every shape and contour of the sleeve. Because of this, the .69 Caliber offers great control allowing for a long pleasurable session.

Where this sleeve shines however is during climax. This texture is one out of only a couple in the Fleshlight line that allows you to keep stroking during orgasm. Thanks to the long chambers, you have minimal obstruction of ejaculation. This allows you to freely let loose while still enjoying the tease of the strategically placed ribs with no stops.

Final Conclusion:
If unique is the name of the game for this texture series, the .69 Caliber fits right in. With the ability of a longer session, the appearance of intensity at the right moment and uninhibited release, this sleeve will keep your hand to the holster.

Penis Roulette - Try the Eva Angelina .69 Caliber

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