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Oct 17, 2013

Need Costume Ideas This Halloween?

With Halloween just around the corner people across the country are rushing to get their costumes in order. Here are a few ideas if you're into the slightly inappropriate, mildly distasteful side of Halloween.

"Sexy" Halloween costumes are nothing new, but every year we see a handful of inappropriate options that really cross the line in a laughable way. Just when you thought there weren't enough Halloween costumes out there that feature the penis, think again. And while there are plenty of options for the ladies when it comes to dressing inappropriately on Oct. 31, the most offensive get-ups almost always involve "sexy" versions of decidedly non-sexual icons (Like, say, a Pixar movie character). Scroll down for some of the most inappropriate Halloween costumes 2013 has to offer and check out the slideshow below for even more shocking costumes from previous years.  

That's subtle, dude. Real subtle.

Grandma no!

We're never watching "Free Willy" again. Ever.

Get it?!

GET IT?!?!


Oh no... You've sullied Sulley!

And Spongebob!

AND Micky Mouse!

Please, not the Girl Scouts...

OK, now you've officially gone too far.

No, wait. This* is worse.

*Just want to note that this costume is called "Makin' Reservations."

This costume is literally called, "Dumb Ass Face." We'll just let that sink in.

Or, for the more conservative types, Regular "Ass Face."

What is this even...?

We have so many questions*.

*Like, what were you thinking?

Come on. You're better than this.

Finally, anyone caught wearing this in 2013 should probably be put in jail.

- Huffington Post

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