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Apr 18, 2012

Music: What Are Your Favorites To FLy With?

You listen to music in the car, in the house, while you BBQ, while you tie your shoe...  Okay, so maybe I got a little carried away there for a second.  Music can change your emotions if the song speaks to you and the situation.  I know that when I work out, the songs that are going to keep my charging are most likely those of Guns N' Roses.  But what about when you use your Fleshlight?  If you choose to skip the porn and a silent room, what can  you place in your earbuds to totally zone out and embrace the feelings and thoughts of a Fleshlight session? What are your favorite FLight tunes?  Feel free to list them as a comment.  Mine personally is Japanese instrumental band MONO.   Shop Fleshlight

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