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Jun 21, 2012

Mushroom Vagina
Found In China!

Everyone, YouTube has provided hilarity again.  The recent week brought us this (click below image to play.) Reporters in China confused a cheap Fleshlight-like sex toy as a giant mushroom.  Yes, that really happened.  No matter how much money we could have pumped into viral marketing, we never could have come up with that.  It's been entertaining seeing the above video pop up on monitors of my co-workers at random points these past few days.  I even had a meeting with the Fleshlight creator and CEO Steve Shubin and when I walked in his office he was cracking up with this video playing on a monitor. And, this just in, here is the retraction from the news station that aired it.  Even better is the day after this video went viral, our website reached peak visit numbers for the month and our Twitter @Fleshlight saw an increase in growth without us doing sh*t!  Cash-money, haters! Switching gears, dear reader, I ask that you view this video below of a cat making an epic leap of faith. Don't worry--the cat is fine.  But what did that video have to do with Fleshlight Products besides a possible infantile "pussy" reference?  Watch Fleshlight Girl Stoya's reenactment below to find out. My head just blew up. I can only imagine that the Stoya video cut to black because she suffered a horrific death upon impact of the floor.  But such is the cost of performance art... If you aren't a government spy, follow us on our Twitter account! It's fresh and updated constantly with juicy porn news.  If you are a spy....still follow us but be cool about it.  

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