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Oct 31, 2012

and news!

Did you catch Fleshlight Girl Tera Patrick and Ron Jeremy in this dead-serious clip about voting "No" on Measure B? Click on the picture below to watch the Axel-Braun directed short. Pretty intense stuff! Especially considering that if the measure passes, the adult film industry in California will be in big trouble. My prediction if it passes? The bulk of the porn industry will migrate to Vegas and LA will miss out on lots of needed money. Though I still wish my original tagline ("keep your bags off my penis") caught on. Back on to more pleasant news, Miela (AKA Marry Queen) is blowing up our sales chart! Why? Well besides being a gorgeous blond, it's also because we re-launched her product with the fan-favorite but originally limited run "Mini-lotus" texture. People are loosing it over this updated version of our popular "Lotus" texture. I can't disclose company numbers but when The Mayor of Porn (pictured below) saw our income, he did the following with his tongue for six straight hours. What else? Fans on Twitter tried to guess Alexis Texas' signature texture when we let a sneak peak image get loose a few days before her early launch! A few got it right. It's out now (released two days early due to fan demand!)  We received over 100 guesses on her signature texture name before we publicly announced that we're calling it the Texas Tornado...a few people actually guessed correctly. Is that a case of us lazily naming it or great minds thinking alike? You be the judge! Side notes: Our Halloween contest is ending tonight at midnight (Eastern time) and we'll blog about the winners on Nov. 2nd. Another important note for Flesh-Fans, our glow in the dark Freaks are no longer available due to a limited run. That's right, if you bought one within the few days they were available, you have one rare sex toy! Congrats to "Kiwifan" for literally buying the last available glow in the dark Freak. Here's what happened on Twitter that was so hilarious it almost seems staged (though I promise it wasn't.) The second I saw "Kawifan" say he was excited about ordering some glow in the dark vaginas, I  looked to my left (we're in an open office) and saw our main developing reaching to begin the planned deletion of the assets to the glow in the dark page.  I asked our dev how long we had. He told me "about a minute or something." Then I rush this message to "Kawifan." After that was posted, I checked the link to our Glow in The Dark page and they were gone. Talk about acting quick! I simultaneously had an erection AND heart attack after it was over. Follow us @Fleshlight on twitter or check out our Facebook page.

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