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Feb 01, 2012

Katsuni Week: Katsuni's Fleshlight

Penetrate one of the hottest stars in adult film today! Is there a Fleshlight Girl more exotic? All Products from Fleshlight are made ​​from Real Feel SuperSkin , allowing an indescribable feeling, almost like real sex. All orifices of the Fleshlight Girls are exact replicas of the genital area, mouth and ass. Katsuni The Vagina The Katsuni vagina is made ​​of a color tone similar to her own skin. Texture is available in Lotus and her own custom texture Lotus Garden. LOTUS Lotus Fleshlight The Lotus Fleshlight texture begins with an ultra smooth and narrow entrance, going after a slightly wider channel and more comfortable, just like its human counterpart. An inverted node is waiting a few inches in, enhancing the fantasy to simulate a subtle sense of touch with the cervix. As a finale, four narrow chambers await filling at the end of the sleeve, designed to provide the most intense sensations to the most sensitive part of your cock. LOTUS GARDEN The original texture of Lotus has been a tremendous success and has been recognized as the most realistic simulation vagina offered by Fleshlight. The success of this texture is at the point known as the "Lotus nodule." The Lotus Garden is just that, from beginning to end the texture is full of nodules. Nine in total! This is one of the most intense Fleshlights offered.   Katsuni Fleshlight  

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