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Jun 04, 2012

Jenna Haze

Jenna Haze has been in a whirlwind of controversy since announcing her retirement from pornography. And because that announcement was several months ago, the constant buzzing reactions are testaments to her enormous fame. So she simply retired, right? Yes, but it's a little more confusing than that as there are a lot of misguided articles online telling people her retirement was a hoax. There's even a 12 minute interview with the woman herself claiming her own claims from an unofficial retirement announcement in 2011 to be wrong (head explodes.) Here it is. But the simple truth is in the following, final-word-on-everything video that she posted herself earlier this year in February: Click here to see her official announcement. But, just as she promises in her retirement announcement, she hasn't stopped engaging fans. Even a few weeks ago (late may 2012) she was dancing in Oklahoma and posted this impressive back stage photo with Instagram that she linked from her (highly recommended) Twitter account: @jenxstudios. And the numbers her Fleshlight still sells are pretty damn amazing.  Working at Fleshlight gives you an inside (pun intended) look at the porn industry and I can testify: we'll be seeing her in plenty of upcoming media!  It's just now the times we do see Ms. Haze will not feature her getting literally beat up with penises as she did in the 2005 classic Darkside or in the underrated Evil Anal anthology. But to quote the great inventor of the Fleshlight, Steve Shubin, "...people will never have their right to fantasize taken away!" So order a Jenna Haze Fleshlight while you're here.  She's got a pretty cool inner-texture. in fact, I wrote a little about it before. And did you know with every Fleshlight purchase you make, you are helping countless sperm be freed from your body? Follow us on Twitter and check out our Fleshlight combos from our website. Shipping is discreet.

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