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Feb 28, 2012

iPhone Fleshlight Speaker Tip

Most of us these days use the iPhone as our primary source of music.  And even though they are widely available, not many of us have docks with speakers or speakers to plug into at home at all.  So unless you are using your headphones, all you have is the regular iPhone speaker which is not that loud. The other day when I was about to get in the shower to get ready to go out, I really wanted to listen to some Guns N' Roses.  So I pulled up Spotify, selected Chinese Democracy (don't judge!), and set it on the counter.  Once I turned on the shower, I knew there would be no way to hear the music. Then I got this idea.  I had a Fleshlight cap that was also sitting on the counter.  Having a flash of science in my head, I figured that if I put the iPhone into the cap, it may work like the famous Bose radios that use the tubes to increase ambience and volume. Once I placed the iPhone into the cap, I immediately saw an increase in volume and clarity.  I was then able to shower while listening to Chinese Democracy and belt out Axl Rose yells while I shampooed my hair. To increase the scientific part of this experiment, I decided to use a friends iPhone to measure the increase of decibels with iPhone's Voice Memo app.  The result was a 6 db increase, from -9 alone to -3 in the Fleshlight cap. ...and yes the reason I had a Fleshlight cap on the counter was because the used Fleshlight was drying off after use. Like Chinese Democracy, again...don't judge! For iPhone Fleshlight Speaker Accessories, Head To:

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