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Aug 16, 2013

Introducing Sex Toys Into A Relationship

Asking your significant other about adding sex toys into a relationship can be scary. You may think that they will react with disappointment or frustration. Realistically, introducing sex toys such as Fleshlight products into the bedroom could add lots of excitement to your sex life. By following these tips, asking your partner about potentially introducing a sex toy into the bedroom doesn't have to be a tough subject.

Simply Ask Your Partner

Ask your partner what they think about sex toys. Simply opening up the conversation could spark them to engage you in finding sex toys that you both will enjoy. This will allow you to browse online for a toy or both of you could visit a local novelty shop to find your new toys.

They say communication is vital in any relationship so being open about the subject is necessary for the end result of actually introducing these fun new toys into  your sex life. Be sure to add that the sex toys are only an enhancement to the sex and not a replacement. Some partners may feel a bit threatened or disappointed as they may think they're not doing a good job in bed. This is certainly not the case; sex toys add an entirely new experience to love making. Your partner should understand that you're interested in getting closer and this is one way to do it.

Destroy the Myths

If your partner fears that sex toys are "weird" or only freaks use them, ask your partner to do their research. Your partner may be surprised in how common sex toy usage really is. The whole point is to build your relationship and reach orgasm. Sex toys are used by lawyers, housewives, teachers, accountants, etc. It's completely normal. If you've addressed each of these misconceptions with your partner and he or she is still apprehensive about using a sex toy, take it slow, be patient and think creatively. Don't press the issue or you might get an incontrovertible "no"! Flatter your partner, show him or her how much you enjoy his or her body, and make the most of your sexual time together. It's possible he or she isn't ready for that level of intimacy yet, but with time and effort, your lover might change his or her mind. Let your partner watch you masturbate with a sex toy. It may cause some giggles at first, but it might also break the ice and relieve your embarrassed partner of any squeamish thoughts about sex toys.

Foreplay Or All The Way

Sex toys are just not for foreplay. While you can use items like cuffs and ticklers, products like Fleshlight for men and vibrators for women can provide an all out orgasm. There's a lot of products available that allow for a full, romantic experience including warming lubes and candles. Adding these into the bedroom can provide a new look on what's happening in your bedroom.


Your entire goal is intimacy. You know what works in your relationship and by communicating effectively and openly, you're building a foundation for a healthy relationship. Experimenting with sex toys is something every couple should try at least once.

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