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Jun 19, 2012

Inside a Fleshlight

What are some of the perks of working at Fleshlight?  Finding archived relics that occurred at Fleshlight Headquarters before I arrived! For example, did you know Fleshlight once offered a major celebrity one-million dollars to be molded for a Fleshlight?  I didn't until just recently.  WTF. Not sure what else I'll uncover about celebrity-encounters but my other favorite historical sex-toy nugget is a series of strange, almost surreal videos of a micro-camera going inside Fleshlights to show the crazy inner-textures that we produce. It's like an enormously long penis is the camera man and the film he is directing is "Pleasure Bumps 2: Rocky Road."  It's a rom-com. Here's one of those videos showing our best inner texture--The Stoya Destroya!  Click below to watch the madness! This is weird because I've seen some Digital Playground films that get pretty intimate with Stoya and I don't think her inner-canal looks like that....though it's probably pretty close. I'd say 94.6% accurate.  Anyway, Buy Stoya's Fleshlight here! Be sure to select the "Destroya" inner-texture when choosing her vagina for checkout (or does her vagina choose you for checkout?) And now peer into our Ice texture by clicking on the below image.  [ed.note: Please play this video with early 90s rap for greatest effect.] You have just unlocked the part of the internet that makes you go insane. Be sure to keep up with us on our Twitter page, homies!  We love hearing from our customers and fans!  On the fence about buying a Fleshlight?  Get off the mother-f**king fence and order one!  Shipping is discreet and it's a good investment.  On Facebook? So are we! Kind of...I mean we're on it but our page is just just go to our constantly-updated Twitter. Things are funnier over there.

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