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Jan 13, 2010

Innovations: The Shoe Method

When given the tools, humans will find all possible ways to please themselves. For some people, simply holding the Fleshlight while they use it is not enough. Some people make machines to do the job for them. Some place their Fleshlight between objects to hold it in place. Whatever the idea may be, it brings the person pleasure. A lot of these ideas can be found on our Fleshlight Forums, where innovation lives.

Over the next few weeks, we will take a look at some of the greatest innovations to using the Fleshlight while trying to decipher how it came to be and why it works.

We start with the famous Shoe Method.

I can only imagine the day when this brilliant method was created. While feeling the ultimate urge to use a Fleshlight, but a desire not to use his hands, the inventor looked around his room and flicked on one of the greatest masturbation light bulbs of all time.

The creator of this method goes by the screen name of "udontknowme" on the Fleshlight Forums, but alas nobody has heard from him since his famous post on March 5, 2004. Who is he, why was he sent here, what did he want us to learn, and why after telling the world of his findings did he disappear? We may never know.

According to his post, the shoe was secondary to the method. This innovation was actually brought upon by schoolbooks. I can only imagine that after a hard day of school working on his rocket science degree, he looked down upon a chemistry book only to imagine the addition of a shoe and a Fleshlight.

His post went as follows:

" With your Fleshlight warmed and lubed, put it in a shoe. This provides the perfect angle so u can place it on the floor and go at it. If you find it moves around too much while thrusting, just open a heavy book (my chem textbook works great) and place it pages down, with the spine over the center of the toe of the shoe. Works great every time. Best of all, its free so u dont have to invest in some suction cup device to anchor it to desk. "

Breathtaking! Brilliance! That of a god send!

Not only a mind for science, but also a mind for economics as his invention required no additional purchases in order to enjoy it. He knew that all Fleshlight owners, regardless of financial status, must have a shoe and a book. Again, brilliance.

The method works because of the convenient size of the handle part of the Fleshlight. This part will fit into almost any size shoe there is. Although the best shoe to use would most likely be a cross training shoe with a low ankle height. What is discovered with this method is the act of being more realistic. Women do not typically lay or stand completely still while being penetrated. The shoe allows for slight movements, which helps increase realistic movements.

Wherever " udontknowme " is, I am sure he is on some floor in the world pounding away at a Fleshlight in only the finest Italian made shoes. We thank him for his innovation. He may be right that we " don't know him ", but we all wish we did.

Grab a shoe.
Grab a book.
Grab a Fleshlight.

Have you tried the Shoe Method? What are your thoughts?

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