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Jan 15, 2010

Innovations: Between the Mattress

As we continue our look at great Fleshlight innovations, we can't help but to gaze upon the idea of putting the Fleshlight between the mattress. For some, depending on bed height, by sticking the Fleshlight between the box spring and mattress you get a perfect level for a hands free session. The pounding that the mattress will take will give your memory foam something to think about for sure.

Let's try to find out where this idea came from and why it works so well.

A scan through the forums brought little results to who is exactly responsible for this method. Maybe the mattress method is just an automatic thought to anyone who owns a Fleshlight and a bed. After all, I would think that a great portion of Fleshlight users use it in their bedrooms. It doesn't take that long to put two and two together.

With any innovation, there are sometimes kinks to get around. Early in the mattress evolution there was one problem that remained. When the end cap was slightly opened, lube from inside the Fleshlight would spray out with every pump of the mattress. Not a problem for long as all problems were made to be solved, according to a post made October 30, 2003 by FLying.

" I used my UTL this AM cold hands free and it wasn’t half bad. Put a lot of lube in, loosened the cap a little and had a quick good clandestine ride. Put the FL between the mattress & box spring & let’er rip. With the UTL, even with the end cap only slightly loosened the lube flys out the end making a mess under the mattress soooooooo this AM I put the FL in a sock once the end cap was appropriately loose and clean up was a snap. Which when the house is sleeping is so important. Get in, get out with no evidence. The perfect crime!!! "

The perfect crime indeed. If only Tiger Woods had the intuition that FLying did, he would not of lost millions in sponsorships. Now instead of being mega ridiculously fucking rich, he is just ridiculously fucking rich.

So how does this method work?

It is pretty self explanatory. You simply lube up your Fleshlight, stick it between the mattress and box spring, then go at it. This is supposed to help you simulate the feeling of doggystyle or missionary position intercourse. But really, let your imagination wonder as to what position your in. Almost anything works. If you need a little more height to be able to be at a good position with your Fleshlight, one suggestion from the forums is to throw some pillows down under your knees. This will also insure that you are using every part of your bed for everything but actually sleeping.

Show your mattress who is Bruce Springsteen tonight. Get a Fleshlight and go to town!

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