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Jan 29, 2010

I Agree, Australia

Sorry Jennifer Garner, take your undersized love humps elsewhere.

(By OrlandoFleshlight)
Recently, the Australian government announced a proposed ban on the presence of female ejaculation and small breasts in adult content - I couldn't agree more. Not only do I think that female ejaculation is a myth (it's just pee, fellas!), I personally would much rather have some mega breasts wrapped around my head.

As a service to my brothers down under, I have compiled a couple of Australian approved breasts for viewing pleasure, without risk of obtainment. Many thanks to Google's Image Search of "Giant Breasts."

Welcome to Australia, honey.

Ten pounds of hot in a five pound bag(s).

Our friends from the far east are on their way to Australia, with a red bull leading the way. Follow the breast filled road, follow the breast filled road...

It they are good enough for Guinness, they are good enough for Australia.


All these Australian approved breasts have you in a heat? I recommend the Jesse Jane Fleshlight, an Australia approved porn actress.

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