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Jun 02, 2011

How The Fleshlight Can Get You Laid

You keep quiet about it. Stay discreet. You are the only one that knows about it. It's your best kept secret... To most men that make the Fleshlight purchase, they are doing so because they want to take their self-gratification to the next level.  A hand doesn't have textures, so when you have stuff like The Destroya and Lotus it is easy to see just why it makes sense.  However no matter how great any session is, the probability of you telling someone about it is minimal. You are scared of the stigma.  You don't want to be "that guy" and that's completely okay.  But what if you were open about it and that stigma didn't happen? What if it worked out completely different than you ever imagined? What if the Fleshlight got you laid? Working for Fleshlight i've always worried a little bit about telling a new girl that I meet about my job.  I mean, if you don't know me at all and the first thing I tell you about was how I helped mold Riley Steele's asshole, you may have some doubts about my character.  I also never straight up mention how great Riley Steele's asshole feels, well in Fleshlight Forbidden form of course. This was over a year ago.  After a while of working in this environment, you look at things a whole lot differently.  You don't view sex as something to hide or be ashamed of, whether it is with a woman or self gratification.  A woman's body is sexy and if I see a good one, I am gonna talk about it.  If our latest greatest texture was just insanely good, i'm gonna recommend it.  This is me now. Once I started being open to women about my job and my use of the Fleshlight, something strange happened. They became more interested in me! I openly talked about all the things that people don't talk about.  I told them how I feel like I may know about their own vagina better than they do. I told them how I know they wouldn't feel as good as the Fleshlight, but that I was willing to give it a shot. I was in total confidence in myself and my sexuality. It got me laid. They started asking questions about the Fleshlight. They started pulling up pictures to see exactly what this device is. Then they started talking about their sex toys and all the stuff that they only wished they could tell everyone.  They were set free!  YOU set them free. When sex is so openly talked about between strangers, it can easily lead to sex.  After she gets all excited about all the things you know and she knows, I guarantee you that she will want to try them out sooner rather than later! So talk about your Fleshlight to that girl you meet at the bar. Laugh about it and be open about your love of sex and that this little device you know about that does an amazing job. Compare it to her vibrator. She will be shocked how forward you are.  That shock will land her in your room tonight. Get The Conversation Starter

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