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Nov 14, 2012

Holy Taco

Our friends over at just posted a bizarre, meandering review of Alexis Texas' newly released Fleshlight.  Topics covered include the author's Grandmother. This is the same site that, when first reviewing Fleshlight sex-toys in 2010, ended up using our product completely wrong. Evidence: Why, Holy Taco, why? Well at least they didn't take a Fleshlight sleeve out of the case and use it as a door-knocker. What's that? They did? Dammit. Well you can see slightly more traditional reviews of the Alexis Fleshlight over at Fleshbot or XCRITIC! They both had much to say about the new product and they're worth a read. Anyway, I wanted to tell you about our affiliates. What's a Fleshlight affiliate, you ask? Someone who happens to run a site and wants to get up on placing some Fleshlight banner ads to make a commission if they are clicked on. That's all fine and dandy. We love our affiliates. Many have cool websites. Many base their entire websites on Fleshlight reviewing. But sometimes our affiliates create some odd things in order to get more visitors. Case #324: Penis Guy the video game. Our company had NOTHING to do with this. I'm not kidding. This little gem of a website was found by an insane person who no longer works here (he left on dishonorable discharge after getting caught playing this game for 7 hours a day.) A penis with testicles that act as feet is the hero of this videogame that will have you and your family fighting over who gets the keyboard next! Fly into the air and attempt to land inside a Fleshlight sleeve, which will ultimately build up your cum-o-meter. Yup. Your cum-o-meter. That's all for today. A new Fleshlight product announcement is planned for this Monday. Follow us on Twitter, like our Facebook page. We promise to keep you in the loop!

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