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Dec 20, 2012


[12-27-2012 UPDATE: we are no longer carrying the limited edition mini-swallow and mini-forbidden] Jenna Haze is the first Fleshlight Girl in history to have unique textures for all 3 orifices. Yes, you can still get her vagina in her original "Maze" texture but now you can get her butt and mouth in alternate textures too! We call them the mini-lotus and mini-swallow. I personally can't wait to try these! They look orgasmically designed and product tester Stan hasn't come out of his office all week long.... The mini-swallow and mini-forbidden are unique remakes of our standard mouth and butt textures. They've been condensed into a much more stimulating experience. Amazing! We are planning a limited run of these.  In the rare event they sell like hot cakes/Fleshlight shower mounts, they could be kept up or brought back at a later date but that's not a guarantee so if I were you, I would order, order, order! You didn't believe me when I said that about our glow-in-the-dark Freaks and now you really can't buy those anymore. But who knows what the future holds? This is my last post until after XMAS, so here's hoping you have a nice holiday with whatever ever it is you celebrate (including my favorite holiday, Fleshtivus.) Also, I vow, for next year's xmas, to attempt to convince our CEO that a Mrs. Clause Fleshlight is in fact a good idea... Wish me luck with that. Follow us on Twitter @Fleshlight or Like our Facebook page.

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