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Sep 16, 2013

Have you tried Stoya Destroya?

Have you tried Stoya Destroya?

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="314"] Stoya Destroya Texture[/caption]

The Destroya texture is really high intensity. It has a lot of different components that will tickle / tug / rub you in a bunch of different ways as you pass through the sleeve. You start with a tight tube covered in 3 rows of really tiny bumps, that turns into a wide spherical chamber that has long-stemmed, pointy bumps (sort of like teeth?) pointing towards the center of the sphere, so that you have to push through 360 degrees of these bumps to get to the next chamber. A really small, tight rib (much like the back part of the lotus) comes after the sphere, and then comes more of the pointy teeth. This time, the teeth are in a cylindrical chamber and they're pointing diagonally towards the mouth of the sleeve. This is the first 5 inches of the sleeve, and then after that it is followed by a long chamber with lots of closely spaced, small circular ribs. The chamber narrows conically towards the back of the sleeve. This is supposed to be the most intense Fleshlight experience. The teeth-like long-stemmed bumps make tiny, pointed stimulations that are really pleasurable, and the variety of the sensations are mind blowing.

One of our best selling Fleshlight Girls, Stoya, is matched with the "Destroya" texture. This particular texture has received great reviews from Fleshlight customers. Read below:

"Stoya's Destroya is the most intense sleeve I have ever flown. It makes my dick happy." When I feel like having an intense flight, I will usually go to my…destroya…" "The Destroya is so unbelievably intense even the quivering of my cock produced by the orgasm itself is almost too much movement. It produces the most intense orgasm." "I own a Destroya and was extremely satisfied." [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="420"] Stoya Destroya[/caption] Check out Stoya Destroya today.

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